How to categorize them?

Have been thinking about this lately.

Current idea is as follows:

Shop/stall name:
Location: (Pujut, Piasau, Lutong, Tudan, Senadin, Boulevard, Pelita, Bintang, Town, Morsjaya, Krokop)
Food type: (Halal, non-halal, vegetarian)
Operating time:
Specialties: (name them)
Price range: ( <>RM10 per meal)
Map: simple B&W map will be drawn as to the plan

I hope that should be enough


Soul Hart said...

I think you should add in Shop orientation (i.e. Coffeeshop, music cafe, F&B outlet, Aircond c/shop, restaurant, stall, etc )

and also give star rating for hygiene and cleanliness.

dasolve said...

noted soul hart. sorry for the lateness :)

Anonymous said...

besides, i think you should categorize them into "breakfast", "lunch" and "dinner".

been browsing the page daily, scouting for breakfast, lunch and dinner place to eat.