New Sau Pau Cafe

Name: New Sau Pau Cafe
Location: Boulevard

Food type: Non-halal, Bakery

Operating time:
8am - 6pm, Monday to Sunday
What's special?: Sau Pau, Butter Milk Bun

Price range: Less than RM10

Looking for a place which you can sit down, enjoy the cool breeze, have something nice and "smoothy" while chatting with friends? Look no more. New Sau Pau Cafe at Boulevard gives you the feel and relaxation that you need!

All the breads, buns, you named it, are the heart and soul of the owner. Why i said so? Because everyday he had to start working at 4am to start making them with great patience to make sure the best is served for his customers, those who had tried the sau pau will most likely "take one and never stop asking for more"

I went there and tried his well-known sau pau (baked bun which usually stuffed with pork marinated with chinese barbaque sauce) and it definitely a thumb up on my opinion. Why? there are few things that i focus on what a good sau pau are:

1. the dough
Dough definitely plays a major role in sau pau as it determine the softness and the ternderness of the skin. Usually if the dough is not mixed properly, it might ended up a hard skin which makes even the biting very hard and not that easy to digest. Their sau pau however has no such problem when i had it. Without proper skills and correct measurement, it is hard to achieve the standard. Definitely a thumbs up from me.

2. the content
Content of the sau pau also very important. If it is too salty, you cannot taste you are eating sau pau at all. If the content does not taste anything, it is just as if you are eating a plain bread. Their content for sau pau however just nice.

3. the ratio of dough and content
Ok for me i think this is very important for just any kind of bun. Many places had the dough too much and little content, making it hard and not enjoyable. Their sau pau however i tested it and it is easily halved without broken into small pieces. Once you put in your mouth, just a few bites and you can feel as if it just melt in your mouth!

4. Control of heat in baking
The outcome for each bun is equally well-baked and definitely has controlled the heat well. I can see the consistencies are high in controlling the heat. If the oven is overheated, usually the base of the bun will be burnt, which make it bitter.

Ok enough talking, i would strongly recommended this place for anyone, regardless of any ages, go there and try the sau pau. It will get you finger linkin! Those you worry about ruining their dietary programme, give a try on their different varieties of drinks even with yoghurt or sugar-free!



Unknown said...

Dear Maniacs,

Coming to foods, i am very very semi pro coz i am more than 100 kgs now. Hahahaha... Anyway, other than the sau pau, u can try the steamed cha sau pau (white color). Another favorite of mine is fried banana (pisang goreng lar). Try it up and cheers!

Anonymous said...

u guys should try the fry pisang

Duncan Yip said...

what about the old one? The atmosphere is more unique.

Anonymous said...

I agreed that they goreng pisang is very nice...but slightly got a bit oily....

Anonymous said...

It's "Courts Mammoth", not "Court"..

all3 said...

The food sold here is not bad...meats were fresh.But the place is a little odd to me. Hardly go to that area. But a place recomended.

Anonymous said...

i love the milk butter buns. i can't find a better milk butter buns or bao at other bakery shop. The vegetable bao (white one) also test nice..

DabianTsin said...

wow~sounds great!
i wanna try all tat u guys have mentioned!!! XD~

dasolve said...

welcome for more comments

helen said...

erm...d decoration of the shop quite nice..sometimes dun like their 'service'..

Anonymous said...

the food is quite nice...but i dun like the attitude of the person in charge.. 1/10 for it

Anonymous said...

the sao bao is not nice..sorry i don't like it. i prefer kch's sao bao.