CGS Vegetarian Cafe

Name: CGS Vegetarian Cafe
Location: Boulevard

Food type: Vegetarian

Operating time:
What's special?: Special Tofu, about 200 meals to choose

Price range: Less than RM10

If you like to have vegetarian in a hot sunny day, this is the place you can cool and and enjoy vegetarian food. They have a great varieties of food for you to select from their menu and enjoy the cool breeze from their air con. Oh yes they do have newspapers, comics and novel for you to read too but all are in Chinese :D

They have around 200 different of dishes to offer to their customer and i manage to show you some of them including my personal favourites. Firstly, the cereal chicken. Coating are mized with cereal and the content are usual made of vegetarian meat with special spices. A great way to start your meal if you want :)

This is their special tofu with rice. I believe the tofu is made by themselves with very nice smell of egg fragrance. It is deep fried and then cook with vegetarian stock added with egg and vegetables. Perfect for tofu lovers (Tofu is actually beancurd for those who has no idea what it is :) )

This is actually deep fried abalone mushroom which serve with sweet, sour and spicy sauce and comes with rice. The combination is just perfect for the mushroom. It is not too hot which is good for those who do not eat spicy food much. Definitely worth a try on this.

Porridge with century egg. Nice and simple and the flavour is just perfect.

Seaweed tofu with rice. Another favourite of mine. Added with seaweed and lots of vegies and vegetarian ham in a bowl with vegetarian stock. If you love seaweed, try this dish.

Vegetarian fried bun. Little steamed bun which is stuffed with vegetarian marinated meat and deep fried it to give the golden colour on the outer side and remain the softness inside.

Deep fried savoury beancurd. stuffed it with vegetarian meat and deep fried in high heats. FInally added with special vegetarian gravy on top.

Ok instead of me going to list down all the food they have, why don't you give it a try and see it yourself? It is definitely an eye opener for you to find out what are the varieties they have.



Anonymous said...

The fact that vegans make these tofu products to look like meat products is just a sense of hypocrisy against themselves. They can go screw themselves.

dasolve said...

Hi there. Well i think to "screw" them might not be the nice way to say about vegans :) But it is a way to make it creative to be vegans where just a few ingredients you can make them into different flavour. And in fact it think their effort in making the difference is something i have to impress. Or else, it will just be another vegies on the table :)

dasolve said...

welcome for more comments

helen said...

one of the nice vegeterian shop!! can try their vanilla shake..quite nice..

Anonymous said...

They served nice foods with reasonable price. Variety of choices & i agreed the milk shake is nice!