Chef's Cafe

Name: Chef's Cafe
Location: Centre Point

Food type: Malay, Halal

Operating time:
Monday - Saturday, 6am - 5pm
What's special?: Penang Laksa

Price range: Less than RM10

Operated by one of the friendly MC net member (nasilemak_jr), this shop offers halal food with its class. With his rich experience in cooking learnt from the West and bring it back to the East, he wants to share something new and tasty to his fellow Mirians and those in Miri of course.

One of his specialty served in this cafe is the Penang Laksa! The best thing about this laksa is that not much oil! It is definitely a nightmare for people who are in strict diet especially girls if the laksa is oily. The smell is great and tempting indeed! With its think stock to mix with the noodle, it is without any doubt a tasty meal that is too good to be missed!

Another meal which i found it very tempting is their nasi lemak. Look at the photo, it is enough to make your saliva just keep dripping! It is served with chicken, cucumbers, freshly roasted peanuts, crunchy local anchovies, sweet and spicy paste at the side and not to forget the pan-fried egg on top of the rice with coconut fragrance! Order one when you are there!

Here comes the Nasi Goreng Kampung! Fried rice with lots of ingredients! They mixed it with chicken breast meat as some of the shops did it with local anchovies. When you eat it, every spoonful give you the fantastic flavour which makes you feel satisfactory. It served with a bowl of soup to smoothen your throat. Great combination indeed.

If you think they only serve Malay food, you are wrong! It goes international! Here comes............. Roti Telur! Comes with a small serve f paste which is cooked with chick peas and with little sour and spice flavour on it. It goes well with the Roti telur and make you wants more! Oh i forgot to explain what is Roti telur. It is actually made of flour which is originated from India where they "swing" the flour until it turns a very thin layer of skin, then they break an egg in between before folding it into a square or rectangular shape.

From India all the way to Thailand! Those who like hot and spicy, here you go! Tom Yam Noodles! Enjoy the sour and spicy sensation with full of noodles, chicken meat, onions, lime, tomato and more!

That's not all they have. Stay tuned as there are more surprises for you all!



EstherHuiLee said...

oh my penang laksa!~~nice nice nice...but the timun, maybe can cut for small a little bit la!hmm..and also..too small bowl!no enough me to eat..hahaha..after penang laksa, no full enough, i still order telur roti canai ans share with inspire :p their sauce for the roti canai nice also ...

EstherHuiLee said...

oh ya!~forgot jor~i also got try the nasi goreng biasa order by ian wife and tomyam mihun order by Saf.Well, the nasi goreng not bad :) but i like chinese nasi goreng more...hehehe..the tomyam!Really spicy la...but the colour of soup very attract..nice colour!~if u like tomyam..spicy one!u can try..but Saf said add more sour will be better..

Anonymous said...

Hey, where is this Chef's Cafe?
The signboard is gone and the shop is not there anymore.
Is it shifted location or closed down?

Anonymous said...

my shop still there =) just renew my signboard. make it permanent this time. last time just a banner. hehehe =)

dasolve said...

hahah guys. Please at least put your name so that i know who is who la! it looks like the same person ask and answer the question :D

Anonymous said...

hehehe, ya la oo....

Anonymous said...

Hi, Penang laksa is my favourite food. I stayed here for more than 10 years and cant find anyone who can cook Penang laksa. Now,finally i know where to find Penang Laksa.Thanks to Makanmaniac. This weekend will go there to try...

Anonymous said...

hi vivienne, sorry to dissapoint u. my shop still closed for major renovation. got problem with my loan provider. still stuck until now. i will inform makanmaniacs crew when i open my shop again. for more details visit

Anonymous said...

went there last night. The food came out really slow. One at a time. My kolok mee came out first. By the time the honey grilled chicken my husband ordered came, I've already finished my meal. The mango smoothie he ordered was too sweet. He had to add another small glass of water to dilute it.

EstherHuiLee said...

I'm so disappointed on Chef's Cafe. I went to breakfast with my family at Chef's Cafe around 8.30am today. We order 2 teh c ping and 1 Ice Lemon. Then the waitress told us that they don't have Ice at this moment. So no choice we change our drinks to 2 Teh C and 1 Hot Teh O. After that, we order our foods. I order Penang laksa since last time i ever try and feel quite not bad. My brother order Mee Mamak and my mum order Ham Sandwich and also Omellete. After 5 min, the waitress come out and told us, "Sorry, the sandwich and the omellete tidak ada, kerana roti belum ada lagi." So, my mum change her food to Char Kueh Tiaw. The waitress write down the order and walk away. More a while, she comes out again said "Sorry, Mee mamak and Kueh Tiaw tidak ada". So i asked her "Boleh saya tanya apa yang boleh saya order yang kamu orang ada punya?Apa yang saya order semua tak ada, how?" She answered "sekarang cuma ada nasi dengan mihun saja". My god...How to run business without the most imporatant ingredients.At the end, my bro order Kampung fried rice and my mum order nasi lemak. Hope this time she won't come out and told us "sorry nasi belum masak lagi" :x

When we are waiting our foods come, the customers beside our table want to take order. Same like us, what he order semua tak ada. He and his familys just stand and walk away. If just now i know what i order semua tak ada, sure i will do the same thing like him. :mrgreen:

My drink - teh c, like air gula more. sweet and no teh c taste like drinking plain water add on sugar.
My food - Penang Laksa, not enough sour and spicy. Really disappointed. The taste totally different like last time.
Nasi Lemak - The rice too watery. My mum complain said why the nasi lemak don't have fried chicken, only got egg,ikan bilis, peanuts, and sambal. It's cost RM4.
Kampung fried rice - It's a bit salty.

When we finished our foods, i walked to the counter and want to pay. She take the order bill and asked me "ada order omellete punya kan?" Sure i said "Itu omellete dengan sandwich tidak ada keluar tadi". So she asked her collegue and get another bill from the table.The cashier counted and said "semua RM25.50" I'm confuse and thinking why so expensive? I didn't ask so much and i give her RM100, ask her to give me a bill so i can know whether she got wrongly calculate or not. She returned RM74.50 to me and write a bill to me. She counted again and asked "itu penang laksa cuma 1 saja kah?" I said yes. She said she counted wrong and returned RM6 to me. All the foods and drinks are only RM19.50. She keep said sorry and i just smile to her. Hope next time she don't so careless anymore. :D

I don't know what's wrong with this chef's cafe. But this really spoil my sunday mood. My mum said she will never wan to come here anymore. But i think i will be come back again, hope next time will got improvement.

Good Luck!

dasolve said...

welcome for more comments