Hong Yung Cafe

Name: Hong Yung Cafe
Location: Morsjaya

Food type: Non-halal, Chinese

Operating time:
What's special?: Laksa, Fish Head Bee Hoon, Fried Rice Stick, Ding Bien Hu

Price range: Less than RM10

The hidden treasure in Morsjaya! Nearly every day that place is just packed with customers who will just rather wait there until there's seat available!

There are a few famous dishes served over there which draws the customer over. One of them i had over there is the Fish Head Bee Hoon. For the price of less than RM10, you get few big pieces of fried fish meat which are so silky smooth, snowy white and tender which makes your saliva just like the flow of waters from water tap! (Ok that's a bit too much but it is really tasty!) and mixed with thick bee hoon in a bowl with stock which is just nice and not too soury. It is indeed a great appetizer and it is quite big in serving size :)

Another famous dishes or let say high recommended dishes by many happy customers from there is the Laksa. For those who are not sure what is laksa, well best is search from Google :D but anyway it is rice noodle mix with the kind-of-spicy local paste which cooked with coconut milk with mixture of prawns, sometimes shredded chicken breast meat and even with beansprouts. I personally had not tried it but will definitely a must try food in my wanted list :)

They do serve other food like kolok mee, kueh chap and more but 2 particular food that they also serve which i had from another cafe/restaurant before are Ding Bien Hu and Fried Rice Stick.

If you felt hungry now and it is at night, too bad! Sleep early and wake up early. Get yourself queue there and enjoy the good food!



Unknown said...

Laksa is mine.. haha..

Well.. In my honest opinion, the laksa is not bad. Its not the best i have to admit but its in my top 3 best laksa in Miri la.. The taste is as usual, tasty and delicious of cause, the only drawback is the belacan, the dun use belacan but they used chili paste to replace belacan. Tats the only part they left out to perfect their Laksa..

StratOS giving it a 3.5/5 Stars..

dasolve said...

Oooooo good comments Eric. Nontheless it is still another place for all of us in Miri to have a try and know of the place :)

Keep it coming!

EstherHuiLee said...

haha...The dian bian hu is mine!
not bad :p but i add lots of pepper :) more nice...But different ppl different taste..
You guys can have a try!But the coffee shop owes full house..So better wake up early and get ready to Q at there ...haha

Anonymous said...

the fish head is extremely disappointing... worst i've ever tried

Jordan Chong said...

The LAKSA is the BEST i ever tried in MIRI!!!

Go and Try for Laksa SPECIAL!

A M Y said...

actually we hav better laksa in miri. somewhr in krokop.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the laksa is good. The soup is very bland. Not nice at all. Maybe different people got different taste. Honestly I really don't like at all...but the shui jiao is really very nice.

Anonymous said...

no!!for hong yun~...then best is the drink..teh c peng~!!!is the best in miri lar..

dasolve said...

welcome for more comments

helen said...

keuh tiaw goreng basah tomato nt bad!!n fried hong gan!!!