Jack Food Canteen

Name: Jack food Canteen
Location: Piasau

Food type: Non-halal, halal, Chinese, Malay

Operating time:
What's special?: Economy Rice, Chicken Wine Noodle, Penang clam kueh tiaw

Price range: Less than RM10

Don't be fooled by its location and the word "canteen", Jack Food Canteen offer varieties of good food too! Situated next to rows of well-known Sing Siang Hai Furniture's warehouses. This place usually crowded by workers around the estate to get their food and a break before continuing their second half of their day. Halal and non-halal food are available and they are equally well.

One of the dishes i like from that place is the Chicken wine noodle. I like it the way the serve as many places you can see a thick layer of oil on the soup surface! yaiks! How many calories will it be! Anyway what i try to say is when you look at the picture, the surface is quite clear from oil so when you had them, it is not that oily which is good. Secondly what i like about their servings is that, did you see a bottle with red liquid next to the bowl? That's the wine baby! As you know different people like the amount of wine added in different ways. This stall gives you the bottle and fill it in yourself! But my advise, you sure do not want to add all as it is quite strong and get you feeling a bit funny :D

Don't just listen to me. Give it a try. I will try to cover their fried kueh tiaw with clam when i am free. They also serve good selections of economy rice too! Stay tuned as there's more to show on this location! While waiting for me to show more, just go there and try the food!



Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm from Jack Food Canteed. :) Glad that you liked the food at our place.

Thank you for reviewing us! Mind if we print out your entry? :) :)

dasolve said...

Hi Kelly, haha sorry for extremely late reply. Pls proceed.

welcome for more comments

helen said...

nth special...but i saw the chicken chops only rm 5.50!! v cheap but dunno nice o nt...who try dy then tell me ya..thx!

Anonymous said...

I worked nearby and this place served me well with economical meals and convenience.

Some extra:
1) If you like hand-made noodle, there is a stall in between nasi campur and malay stall sells good-tasted hand made noodle full with good texture. Also they have special ingrediant on request (mushroom chicken, fish/meat balls, etc)....the other bit is the Pan Mee here is not bad too, esp. the spinach pan mee (yes, freshly handmade with spinach vege)...although price wise maybe slightly higher

2) The kolok mee store is serving cheaper noodle/kuihtiaw/beehoon at RM2.30...taste wise no complaint, and if you like kolok bee hoon, they serve it with extra fried ikan bilis besides char-siew and mince pork, giving it extra favor!

- - ─━PauL━─ - said...

Wow this is definitely a must-go place to eat!

- - ─━PauL━─ - said...

Wow this is definitely a must-go place to eat!