Kedai Makan Rasa Segar

Name: Kedai Makan Rasa Segar
Location: Town

Food type: Halal, Malay

Operating time:
What's special?: Nasi Lemak

Price range: Less than RM10

Yes! finally this is one of the place which many people has suggested: Nasi Lemak!!!

Situated in town and just somewhere opposite KFC over there. They have different varieties for you to mix and match for your meal. For me, i go for as original as possible just to show to my readers (Yes it is YOU!)

What i had for the day is the simple nasi lemak ayam (which is Chicken for those who do not understand Malay language). Ok let's have a short definition on what is nasi lemak for Non-malay speaking friends of mine. The rice is actually cooked with santan which is coconut milk and the fragrance of coconut just absorbed by every single rice. The rice serve by this shop is just perfect! superb! To determine whether the rice is cooked properly, you need to see how sticky are they. Their rice however not sticky at all but it is very silky feels when you put them into your mouth. Then you can taste the greatness of coconut fragrance and swallow them with full satisfaction..... ah................... tempting................. :D What else they have............ oh yes the sambal (usually it is spicy paste cooked with local anchovies). For those who like spicy food, this is something you should try. I found it very hot (but still i finished it :D ).

I better stop here as the more i say, the more i want it! Drop by that place and have a taste of the great nasi lemak! No regrets!



= FLoReNcE = said...

Yes...i love their Nasi lemak...

EstherHuiLee said...

This morning i go again..with my family...Wow =.=" i think too often i go there liao..until the workers at there also can get know who am i liao..hehehe..
Well, their sambal very spicy..If u like spicy foods :) u must try !

Anonymous said...

their limau peng is the best!!!

dasolve said...

is it? gosh i should have tasted it :)

Anonymous said...

The Malays over there show extremely rude and unfriendly attitude. Nowadays with this kind of service, you really cannot survive except if you are malay (which is in this case). These people really will not improve and do not bother to improve at all (Thanks to the government).

So, no matter how good or best their food is, i surely will not go back there. Come on...we are the customer and not you!!!Please do not be that rude.

the vixen said...

this is the best place to have nasi lemak with other malay delicacies. i just love the beef rendang. :)

dasolve said...

welcome for more comments