New Cafe

Name: New Cafe
Location: Town

Food type: Non-Halal, Chinese

Operating time:
What's special?: Xuan Pan Zi

Price range: Less than RM10

New cafe, traditional flavour. That's how i will define this place. This is one of the place recommended by many for their xuan pan zi and lui cha. So, why this place? let's get in further details.

What is xuan pan zi? It is actually made of flour mixture with yam which give marvelous flavour in the dough. it is formed in the shape like those chinese wooden calculator in the olden days. It is cooked with minced pork, chinese mushroom leg, and some spices which i have no idea yet :) and ended with spring onions sprinkled on it. The hard part is actually the method of cooking it. Using too much oil will make the whole dish oily and you might feel disguest. Using too little oil on the other end might burn them which gives you bitter taste, which is not meant to happen. The way they prepared it is just perfect, right on the spot. Not too oily, the xuan pan zi does not stick to each other, and smells great. Most importantly, to me especially, is not too salty. Taste is good. every single xuan pan zi you placed in your mouth and chewed, the yam flavour just burst out from the dough, which opens up your appetite and craving for more. Portion wise, if you look at the photo, you might say " So little?", well tell you what. Don't be fooled by its portion. I had it and i still feel full during lunch hour!

Another famous dishes they have is actually Lui Cha. I will not talk about this here yet as i never try one before. But i will let you know what this is as soon as i have enough resource to tell you.

If you never try Xuan Pan Zi before, strongly recommended you to have a try. No regrets.



Anonymous said...

Where is this New Cafe? I cant seem to find the map. :) Or is the map 'coming soon'?

Unknown said...

Hi coey83, hahah ya the map coming soon...... i try to upload tonite then.... Sorry for the delay as recently overloaded with works :)

Anonymous said...

New Cafe is just next to Singapore furniture shop. if u still dont knw, these shops are just along the Sin Liang Supermarket, lagi u dont know, haihh...u mirian or what????

nway, i love their fry mee hoon!!!! super delicious!!! and their cangkung manis fry mee hoon also quite nice... :)

dasolve said...

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