New Loke Yuen Coffee Cafe

Name: New Loke Yuen Coffee Cafe
Location: Pelita

Food type: Non-Halal, Chinese

Operating time:
What's special?: Steamed Chicken rice

Price range: Less than RM10

We are back to Pelita area where, somehow, there are so many food to cover just around there and guess what? This is actually the third shop i have covered at the same row!

So why this place? Let me tell you. To find where to chicken rice to eat is easy. To find a nice one is harder. Without a doubt i personally like the chicken rice served at this place.

In what way i actually think a chicken rice is nice. First of all is the chicken. The way they prepared it. Different people have different methods in doing them. If i am not mistaken, there's some sort of marinating process needs to be done (i think it is not right to reveal the method of doing it here but you can always easily search from Google in how to do it, the basic way of course).

Cooking time and heat control is very important as well. If it is overcooked, well it might lost its silkiness and even the taste. If it is the opposite (which is not enough cooked from the inside and it is quite common for some places), then you can see the bone section with red blood still which is actually very unhealthy in my opinion (full of bacteria in my opinion).

Next are the chopping skill and of course the sauce they are using. The portion of each piece of chicken must be in the size which you can eat easily, by not too big chunk. Even if the pieces are chopped too small, i don't think you can hardly enjoy the fragrance of the chicken meat at all :) The sauce pour over the chopped chicken meat also plays an important role. Some of them actually ruin the taste of the meat when it is too salty and therefore does not goes well with the chicken.

Finally, not to forget about the rice. So far i have not seen anyone actually use plain rice to serve with Chicken meat (Thank god for that because it will just tasteless cause by the rice) Most of them use special stock to cook with the rice.

Here a little tips for you to prepare something which is closed to chicken rice itself. Prepare a bowl of chicken bone stock (the longer it is boiled the better), either fresh garlics which is cruched or the fried one, suitable amount of salt, suitable quantity of grain. Cooked them like what you usually do for steamed rice. There you go! It might not be similar to those you eat out there but it is not too bad once you have done it the right way :D

What i like about the steamed chicken rice at this place is that they did very well on their chicken. When you eat it, it is just tender enough for you to enjoy and chew it. The moistures of the meat combined with their specially prepared sauce over them makes it so silky smooth. Once you tried it, you will never have enough! Don't just listen to me, try it yourself and tell me what you think :) Unfortunately i am not quite happy with their rice on the day i tried. It was a bit too dry and tasteless. I tried the rice before last time and it did not have this problem. Oh well, hope it will not be the same case when you try them :)

They do serve other than the steamed chicken rice. You can try their salad chicken rice. A little explanation on the salad chicken rice for those who might misunderstood. Salad in other country's point of view might be that it comes with actual salad with green leaves and added with something like Italian dressings, comes with nicely grilled or cooked chicken breast meat to go along with the salad. But i think there is no such thing as salad chicken still served with rice in other countries. The version of salad chicken rice over here especially Miri is that the chicken meat (either drumstick or breast part) marinated with their special spices and flours, deep-fried them, cut them into pieces and dressed with either mayonnaise or so called thousand island sauce (which is actually mixture of mayonnaise and ketchup) and came along with either plain rice or chicken flavoured rice. If you have not tried this before, why not have a try? You might like it :)



EstherHuiLee said...

the salad chicken rice is mine...hmm...not really very tasty..still okok nia..

i give 2.5/5 :)

Anonymous said...

man, your blogs make me hungry... have you ever go to Muara Cafe and try the nasi lalapan? hehe jing wood cafe oso the penang fried kuey tiaw :D..droolings here hehe... well man, keep it up and keep on posting hehe

dasolve said...

Yo dude. Thanks! and yes those are currently in my list and yet to review. Cannot afford to eat out there all the time yet unless they sponsors me :D

dasolve said...

welcome for more comments

helen said...

i like their dried meehon!!