Saberkas Night Market

Name: Saberkas Night Market
Location: Saberkas

Food type: Chinese, non-halal, Malay, Halal

Operating time:
Friday and Saturday night
What's special?: Lekor Cracker, varieties of barbecued food.

Price range: Less than RM10

This is the night-out for many people to come and enjoy varieties of food varies from barbecued, fried, stir-fried, steamed and etc. There should be something which you have not actually had it a long time and you might be able to find it over there if you are lucky :) Let me share with you some of the food i found from the place. There're a lot and i did not cover all :)

First i want to start of with this food which is called Keropok Lekor (which is Lekor cracker). Lekor is a kind of fish which they used its meat which is beaten to very fine paste and mixed them with flour and finally they are deep fried to enhance the flavour to its max! it is best served while it is hot and added with Chilli sauce for those you would like a hint of spice. Oh yes. I think the owner has done very well on this Lekor cracker business as they have expanded their businesses in many places. For those who never try before, go and buy 1 serve and try out. It is quite addictive :)

Ok this is actually something new to me as i never tried before. It is called Apam Ayam (basically once i tasted it, it is the flour which is pan-fried to cook and centered with curry chicken). Quite tasty and it is served as it is hot. As you can see in the photo how they did it. They poured a layer of flour onto the small cylinder frame with both open ends, a spoonful of curry chicken and then another layer of flour to cover till the whole cylinder. Once one side is done, they will flip it and remove the frame and it is ready to serve.

They have many barbecued fish of all kinds over there. They are cooked and ready for you to grab it. It smelt very nice. For fish lovers (those who like to eat fish), buy some and try :)

Steaming hot chick peas~~~~~~ ah........... how tempting........... One of my favourite snack of all time.

Mini Murtabak (using a thing layer of skin made of flour and wrap with with either chicken meat or beef or lamb) is also available at the night market. I think it is better than the big one as the small one is easier to eat. I had it before and it is delicious.

Another favourite of mine since young is Apam Balek (which is made of flour cooked using a big pan and sprinkled with with crushed peanuts + sugar and finally fold it into half). There are 2 types just like pizza: Thick base or thin base. The one i saw is the thing based which is crunchy when you had it. The thick base one is more fulfilling when you eat it.

There a lots more and it is best for you to go there and have a look :) Bring your friends, love ones, families, parents, whoever you want.



EstherHuiLee said...

must go try the fish lekor at seberkas pasar malam!Very nice...but got lots stall at there sold fish lekor..some of the sauce spicy some of them not..

-pEi- said...

yea yea..
i love the murtabak and apam ayam..
seems so delicious..
tat time go there din see it leh..

Anonymous said...

argggg.... i see already sien is just opposite my office see liao also sien ahaha every friday sure jam like hell!!!

dasolve said...

KimGo, you sien does not mean we all are :D

dasolve said...

welcome for more comments

helen said...

the best pasar malam in miri!