Shanghai Cafe

Name: Shanghai Cafe
Location: Pelita

Food type: Non-halal, Chinese

Operating time:
What's special?: Fish Noodles, Black Pepper Beef Kueh Tiaw

Price range: Less than RM10

Situated just behind the closed-down M square building (One of the most colourful building in Miri) where we have a cafe with different varieties of food which i might say, providing different kind of flavours of nice food for Mirians :)

One of the dishes that they have is the fish noodle. Fish noodle is actually the mixture of fish meat which is processed into paste and mixed with flour and formed them into thick squarish type of texture and turned them into noodle length. What so special is that the noodles are cooked in soup based (refer to the picture) mixed with deep fried wontons (minced meat of any kind you want wrapped with the thin skin made of flour) fish cake (pretty much it is made of fish meat beaten into paste form) and sprinked with fresh spring onions and fried shallots. And then you had them (meaning that when you eat and bit them), it is actually went wild in your mouth! It is "bouncy" like something just hit in your mouth. Unlike just any normal noodles, you can felt it is "alive" when you eat them (ok not meaning that it is raw and alive ok? :D) Don't believe me? try it yourself!

Another famous dishes over there is the black pepper beef kueh tiaw (refer to the picture). I particularly love any dishes which is cooked with peppers either it is white or black. As we all know Sarawak in general produces one of the best quality pepper in the world, so i also like to use them for my daily cooking :) I personally have not tried this dish and moreover i cannot eat beef due to my religion, i will comment based on what i smell and what my friend comment on this dish. The smell is great and the black pepper goes well with beef too! The best part about this meal is that the meat are soft and easily melt when you had them in our mouth. Unfortunately i cannot reveal how to tender the meat, so find it out yourself :D. The gravy of black pepper beef poured over the nicely fried kueh tiaw and made them one of the best combination you have ever known. The gravy over the kueh tiaw just made it so silky smooth to eat and give you high satisfaction after the meal :) It is definitely worth a try with its price.

Bring your friends and families along. Spread the word! Go and have them in no time!



CheWei said...

Good Review, this is one of my favorite spot for fish noddle. Recommended in the early morning.

Unknown said...

well.. i'm the 1 eating the black pepper beef noodle..

so.. lets see wut i can comment on the food.. its not spicy(for me) and its delicious.. the beef is very tender.. tender as in soft and juicy..

Give it a bite and feel the overflowing juice of the beef in your mouth. Moreover, the black pepper taste superb with the beef and the fried kuey tiaw..

My current rating.. 4 of 5 stars,..~


dasolve said...

Thanks Chee Wei. Your feedback definitely worth a lot for those who never been there and at the same time boosting Miri as pobbisl food paradise in the future!

Eric, thanks for the review!

Anonymous said...

Hmm, about the shanghai place, i've tried both the fish noodles and beef kueh tiao separately before i read this post. After that i try out the Chao zhu mien and it taste soury and bitter so i asked them to improve it and they came out with kicap soup = =. About the beef nooodles.. taste rather ok for some people but i found something shaped like insect's **** inside.. Anyway the serving is slightly bigger

dasolve said...

welcome for more comments

helen said...

erm...nt bad!!always full of customers..can try their special kolok mee wif fish ball??