Special Hunt: Citrarasa 2008

I think wherever there's food, the angel calls :) Based on highly requested by my fellow readers, i have to rush on and publish this quickly instead of being questioned every 5 minutes :D It is another big event happen at Boulevard big parking lots. With over 4 nights of good food under one location, it is too good to be missed. Each night there will also be singers from Malaysia to perform on stage while we enjoy eating. Price? you will be surprised! it is very reasonable. Variety? actually not that bad and no comment :) Ok i better do less talking and let the photos tell you more! More will be updated maybe tomorrow as long as i snapped some more!


Whoareyou said...

too bad my camera's battery went flat that night, so no photos for me T_T. I love the otak otak!

dasolve said...

haha ya the otak otak is one of the highlight of the event!