Stall No 1

Name: Stall No 1
Location: Town

Food type: Non-halal, Others

Operating time:
What's special?: Special, Cendol, Rojak, Sotong Kangkung

Price range: Less than RM10

Feeling hot (i mean the weather sort of hot, not another one :D ) and need something to chill you out? This is what you need!

This stall located in town and in between tall buildings (I think that is RHB building) and also along Old Man Street which i think non-local might not be aware of the stall at all. It is situated in between buildings and shop lot. Not to worry as at the end of my comments, you will have a little map to get you there :)

I particular enjoy the food over here. For instance the cendol and special (a kind of ice-blended snacks/drinks with mixture of all kinds of jellies, red beans, coconut milk, etc etc........) are covered with fined blended ice which nicely melt in the bowl. I have tried the same thing in many places but i was not happy with the outcome as the ice blended by many are very rough which actually ruined the taste of it. Look at the picture and you judge yourself. How "creamy" look it is comparing to those you might have tried somewhere that the blended ice are quite rough.

For their rojak (mixture of vegies and fruits with home-made prawn paste sauce) and sotong kangkung (It is actually jelly fish mixed with local spinach with home-made prawn paste sauce), i like the way they prepare the sauce and it is different from those i have tried. Their paste are thicker and just mix nicely to the dishes. As some of you might know my fussiness on the balance of taste between the sauce and the food, this stall has done well on this issue. When you had them, let say rojak, the cucumbers in it which has covered the sauce/paste sprinkled with crunched peanuts, when you eat it, it is just like performing the best orchestra in your mouth that you have ever heard for a long long time :) (haha sorry i am a bit too satire on this but it is really great)

The only thing i missed out in which they do not serve is the mixture of fried prawn cakes, sweet potatoes, yam and beancurds.

Hungry? Don't just listen to me or look at the photos. Go and try it yourself! I may be wrong on the taste. You judge it yourself :)



aLoM said...

Is that the Beautiful Jade Center area? Somehwere near Sin Liang?

dasolve said...

yes you are correct.

Yet to draw the map :P

EstherHuiLee said...

Well, the special is mine :) not bad inside still got sea coconut :p i like that..
The kangkung sotong quite nice ler!Quite lots ppls going there..

Jordan Chong said...

suggest to go for sugarcane drinks opposite the open air market, a taukeh nickname "Ah Giu" means Mr.Dog.

GeminiGeek said...

just went there. quite disappointing. i still prefer the one near bintang, and the one near chef hot bread.

Anonymous said...

just went there. quite disappointing. Cause the worker there not friendly at all...and the service very slow.Dont know weather they do business one or not. I still think the one near bintang service is good and the food there is also good.At least i eat at the one near bintang there the worker dont treat me like owe them money one kind.

dasolve said...

welcome for more comments

Samantha said...

personally i like it there.. Have been eating theirs since i was a kid... actually, the tauke is friendly, you just probably went on peak time...

bintang's nice cuz they have the fried prawns and all.. lol but i still prefer the cold drinks here.. =D they have orange peel in their ang dau which makes it taste nicer

Madhu78 said...

someone please safe me, looking for freshly squeezed sugarcane juice in miri, can someone tell me where to get it? puuuleeeezzz...