Tasty Seafood Centre

Name: Tasty Seafood Centre
Location: Boulevard

Food type: Chinese, non-halal

Operating time:
What's special?: Barbecued pork flavoured kolok mee

Price range: Less than RM10

Recommended by a big fan of the noodles there whom he will eat more than one bowl of this special dish. You might wonder what so good about the food they served at this shop at Boulevard area, which is just somewhere next to Shiki Sushi :) Let me tell you why.

To have a nice kolok mee, it is pretty much more than one place to tell you where. But to get a good Char Siew (which is chinese marinated barbecued pork in red colour) sauce kolok mee (type of noodle which is kind of wrinkle), it is hard as most stores served them either only with the colouring or there's not a single taste of the barbecued pork at all. This seafood centre (although i did not see any seafood to be served by this place) has a stall which answer our prayers. The noodle is perfectly covered with the flavour which makes it so enjoyable. Well, of course, not recommended for daily consumption as it is high in Cholesterol. Feel free to drop by and have a try. It is nice :)



Anonymous said...

I went there on a friday afternoon, this place doesn't seem to be open wonder it has been closed down??

Anonymous said...

i think should recomm d ban mian thr..i like it very much

dasolve said...

welcome for more comments

helen said...

nth special er...kolok mee v fast jiu finish lw..