Thian Ho Cafe

Name: Thian Ho Cafe
Location: Pujut

Food type: Chinese, non-halal

Operating time:
Monday - Sunday, 5:30pm - 11:30pm
What's special?: supper

Price range: Less than RM10

A great place to sit back and enjoy a relaxing supper. Situated at the residence area nearby a school and somewhere behind SESCO building. They have plenty of food selection to suit your appetite for the night. Ranging from kolok mee to fried noodles and even their other specialties which i am yet to go back and maybe have an exclusive cover for my reader :) Let me give you a quick tour on what they have.

Firstly, this is called mun (read as moon) noodle aka fried hokkien noodle. The difference of this from normal fried noodle is that hokkien noodle is among the largest yellow noodles available in the market , at least in Miri :) Once it is stir-fried it is added with gravy which makes it tasty and full of flavour.

This is called Cao Zhu Mien. What they did is that instead of like normal fried noodle with gravy, this is however added with more water make it like a noodle soup but it is stir-fried first before doing so. It is added with chinese cooking wine which boost up the flavour a lot. No doubt i like this dish so much.

This is just like normal kolok mee. Before i go further. Kolok mee in Miri has been creatively modified to have different flavour on it. There are normal kolok mee which still in its original colour, kolok mee with dark soy sauce which gives extra soy sauce fragrance on it, kolok mee with dark soy sauce and chilli sauce to give little sensation of spice with strong soy sauce flavour at the same time, and not to forget kolok mee with chinese barbecued pork which give the noodle with the barbecued pork flavour :) The one shown in picture is kolok mee with dark soy sauce. I like the noodle as they are using the cantonese noodle which give you the bounciness when you use your teeth to bite off the noodles. No wonder it is one of the top place to have kolok mee here.

This one is called "Wat dan ho". In other words, it is actually fried kueh tiaw but the way they cooked it is the gravy is more or less transparent because it is usually water mixed with corn starch and seasoning and pour in the wok and fry with kueh tiaw and lastly beaten an egg into it. To break down the definition of "Wat Dan Ho" is that with this kind of gravy with the egg, it makes the kueh tiaw very silky and at the same time with egg flavour on it. The one in the picture is actually mixed with tomato sauce as well which give the kueh tiaw the silkiness and flavoured with egg and also at the same time giving a hint of ketchup flavour with little bit of soury flavour.

That's not all they have for the cafe. I will plan to go back there and do a review on their secret weapon: the roasted virgin chicken (name to be comfirmed as it does not sound quite right :D) Stay tuned!

Update! (02.10.2008)

This time i manage to cover their specialty! Deep fried chicken! It is only done when ordered so it is very hot and steamy. Nice and crispy from the outside, tender and juicy from the inside. Served with specially prepared sauce which consist of line juice if i am not mistaken. it goes very well with the chicken. No wonder their chicken sold out very soon most of the time.

Another dish they are famous on is their chicken feet. Cooked in low heat for many hours with special marinade sauce. The flavour are all over into the chicken feet until the bones. Chicken feet are nice and easy to eat in terms of it is soft and as if it melts in your mouth.

If you want noodles, then you can try their deep fried noodles with tomato paste. Not a bad idea to satisfy your dinner or supper with this meal.



EstherHuiLee said...

Well, the moon mian order by me and Lim Pek...Not bad just no enough salty..can add some sambal given by taugenio :) then will be better

Anonymous said...

Where is the actual location of this shop selling the Cao Zhu Mien in Miri? I am confuse with map given. It is somewhere near the Pujut Corner bus station?

dasolve said...

Hi there,

If you head to the traffic which leads to eastwood/hospital, turn left from there. And you just go straight until you go for teh 1st bump if i am not mistaken and it is on your right hand side, very bright one.

Anonymous said...

hey dasolve u can go again at night the food there also marvellous at night

dasolve said...

ya... i am waiting for the chance to try their chicken....... heard that it is selling like hot cakes!

dasolve said...

welcome for more comments

helen said...

nt bad a food called ' 3 fried "!!can try it...

Anonymous said...

Just went to Kedai Thian Ho earlier, ordered a bottle of Teh Bunga and waited for 1 hour for my Cao Zhu Mien and it never came. With my patience gone, went over to the auntie to cancel my order and pay for the drink. To my amusement, the bottle of Teh Bunga cost MYR3. Not even i wasted 1 hour for nothing, I'm even ripped!! That is the most expensive bottle of Teh Bunga I've ever drank in my life. Thanks for the recommendation MakanManiacs, will never go back there again! In all honesty, the food there is merely average, not worth the wait and with the rude attitude of the aunties...

dasolve said...

dear anonymous,

my apology on the poor service they were given. The time i was having the information with them do not have such problem. Price will be revised without my awareness and i am here just to share where you can eat what and as for the quality of food and service, it is totally different from everyone. Then again you are always welcome to complain how bad they are and let's hear from other people who complain about them. Hopefully one day they will aware of their problem and get them fixed.