Thien Sin Sea Food Centre

Name: Thien Sin Sea Food Centre
Location: Bintang

Food type: Chinese, non-halal

Operating time:
What's special?: Beef Noodle, Fish head noodle/kueh tiaw/bee hoon, claypot noodle/kueh tiaw/bee hoon

Price range: Less than RM10

This place has been known by many of their prawn noodles, so i took the chance and drop by this place. I did not taste the prawn noodle yet as that will fall under category of more than RM10 per serve (So you roughly know how much it cost per bowl)

This place do serve fish head noodle/bee hoon/kueh tiaw soup as well and i ordered the kueh tiaw instead. The best thing they serve here is the fish. The flavour is there which is delicious. The soup is clear based while some other store mixed it with milk. They used a little bit of cooking wine to bring out the fish flavour. Serving size is big and sure you will be full when you finish it!

Another famous and high recommended dish by their loyal customers is the beef noodle West Malaysian style. Although i can't eat beef what what i can see and smell is that the serving is a bowlful no doubt (look at the photo that the stock nearly overflow!). I think it is worth the value as they actually added quite a lot of beef too! What you see in the photo is what you will get as i did not specially ask them to add more and tell them i am shooting the photo of it. No wonder there are so many happy customers go back and had had them. Worth a try for those who eat beef.

The special thing about this place is they also have a stall which sells, consider as, breakfast snacks. One of them is the Chee Cheong Fen which served with chilli sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds. Not much places had this anymore so it is a surprise to me to see it serve at this centre. Another special snack they have is Yaw Cha Kuai (flour which is made into stick shape and deep fried) which cut into small pieces and mix with mayonnaise and minced pork. It taste good as it has some sour taste which i think most like it is lime juice. Sour juice with any deep fried food always mix well and the stall over there did it. Go and try it yourself and find out what i mean.



jianH said...

ya agree, the beef noodle is si beh tasty

dasolve said...

and too bad i cannot eat beef :(

dasolve said...

welcome for more comments