Vegetarian Stall - Tong Seng Dim Sum Restaurant.

Name: Tao Yuan Vegetarian Stall - Tong Seng Dim Sum Restaurant
Location: Bintang

Food type: Vegetarian, Chinese

Operating time:
What's special?: Vegetarian Kueh Chap

Price range: Less than RM10

Looking for a vegetarian meal? Well, this is one of the place you can have great servings of vegetarian food of your choice with reasonable prices!

Just a little info for those who do not know there are two kinds of vegetarian. One of the type is that they can eat egg apart from 1st and 15th day of the Chinese calendar month. Another kind is that no eggs are allowed at all throughout the rest of their lives.

A lot of people went there just to have their vegetarian meals as they are as delicious as the non-vegetarian meals. It is somehow you might have forgotten that what you had is actually meat-free! What i had is their limited time, hard-to-get kueh chap. I repeat: VEGETARIAN KUEH CHAP! You think it is ridiculous? Trust me, it is happening! This meal only served every 1st and the 15th of every Chinese calendar month. Other time than that they won't serve this meal!

Ok what is Kueh Chap actually (as some might not know). It is added with something like kueh tiaw ( flat white rice noodles) but it is in squarish form and added with mixture of pork meat and organs, marinated boiled egg and sprinkled with fried shallots.

When i first tasted the vegetarian version, it is really an eye opener! Why? it just taste like the real one. What they use instead of meat are: Fried five spice bean curd, vegetarian pork leg (made of flour and wrapped amount with shredded and flavoured chinese mushroom), marinated egg and i think it is sprinkled with corianders (Vegetarion do not eat shallots and garlics as well).

It is a thumbs up from me. Give it a try and you will discover more on the awes of vegetarian food :)



dasolve said...

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PearllyPearl said...

Dasolve, any idea where they have shifted to?

dasolve said...

Actually i have been trying to look for them but still no clue where they moved to. All the sources i had i went there and check but they were not there.