WZT Cafe

Name: WZT Cafe
Location: Town

Food type: Non-Halal, Chinese

Operating time:
What's special?: Marudi Kueh Tiaw, Belacan Bee Hoon, Kueh Chap

Price range: Less than RM10

Situated at the shopping lots somewhere between Imperial Mall and Mega Hotel, this place is definitely one of the favourite place for Mirians. You need to be patience or go early as this place is nearly packed with people during the weekend. Without further delay, let me show you what they have over there shall we? :)

First off, this place initially famous with their Marudi Fried Kueh Tiaw. Marudi is a small town which require about 2 hours speed boat ride from Kuala Baram Port. The difference of Marudi kueh tiaw and normal kueh tiaw is that Marudi Kueh Tiaw is like half the width of and double the thickness of normal Kueh Tiaw (aka Rice noodle for your information). The cooking method varies from each store in Miri but normally it is just pretty done like normal kueh tiaw: mixed with bean sprouts, egg and prawns and with roasted pork on top with sprinkled fried shallots. If you never try before, i would suggest you give it a try and see the difference.

Next is the fried belacan bee hoon. What belacan is actually made of small shrimps which is made into paste which is very fragrance and strong smell. It is quite widely used for cooking with enhance the flavour. It can be cooked with vegetables, seafood and even meat. The stall in this cafe did their bee hoon by frying with bean sprouts, chinese sausages, luncheon meat, beef, vegetables and of course not to forget the main ingredient: belacan.

They also serve chicken rice at this place. It looks delicious and i am yet to try them someday. In terms of the smell and presentation of the chicken rice, it look great. Rice is cooked with fried shallots to give a stronger fragrance and opens up the appetite. The chicken meat seems nicely done as well: with no blood coming out from the bone means it is just nicely cooked while maintaining the silky feel and moisture.

Another favourite of the customers in this cafe is their kueh chap. I have briefly explain about kueh chap in one of my previous review here. It is actually flour which in thin square in a bowl (of course not only one slice :) ) mixed with specially cooked stock full of mixture of pork and its organs of all type. I personally find that the kueh chap served here are more salty comparing with the one serve at Hopoh which i will cover soon hopefully. If you like it more salty, this is the place you should try.



Anonymous said...

i love the kueh Chap!!!! nice!!!

= FLoReNcE = said...

my favourite place to have breakfast. :)

dasolve said...

hahahahaha of course for both of you :D

But not for some for their drink services :P

i e R said...

i think u really need to set the orientation like ur very first blog before, quote by Soul Hart
I think you should add in Shop orientation (i.e. Coffeeshop, music cafe, F&B outlet, Aircond c/shop, restaurant, stall, etc )


and add one more, "chill out places", coz i been looking for chill out places a lot >.< coz everytime wan go kai kai or small dine with gf, no where to go >.<

and in recomendation, u can state for breakfast or dinner or lunch, or teabreak, they'll help a lot for ppl to know wat is the best time to appear,

oh, and, i wont mind but pls delete this post after u read it, i kinda think i am too offensive to u. sorry, but just my 2 cent.

and if u interested in more food hunt, u mind i join in? lol i love to go around miri to know the food here, coz i been in KL for pass 5 years, just back last month, i dunno where to eat also >.<

dasolve said...

hi i e r, hey i am cool man. I want comments to improve. If i cannot take comments like you, man i rather go and crash the wall! :D

First of all, yes you are correct. I am trying to work on my categorization at the moment as you can see why my operation time is still TBC is because i am yet to reach a level of recognition or publicity and if i go and ask them about it a month ago they might just ignore me. I like your suggestions and that is something i will want to improve on.

You are always welcome to join us. I am still thinking of a way to get people who are interested of any possible outings by how to collect their information but for now, please refer to my thread available at miricommunity.net and that's where i start my site :)

Hope to hear from you soon!

Unknown said...

Yo, the kueh chap is really really niceeee.... One could try their toast too, with kaya or tuna cheese, all r well prepared.

Anonymous said...

teh c Special Milo Peng Kao Kao..
Kopi Peng woot Teh c Peng

adolkuek said...

Lao ban niang's daughter makes good milo peng and ice lemon tea. hehe

dasolve said...

welcome for more comments

helen said...

Kueh chap v nice too...but d drinks ther quite expensive lor..kueh tiaw basah tomato!!!