Name: Desserts
Location: Pelita

Food type: Western

Operating time:
What's special?: Ice-cream, hot drinks, cold drinks

Price range: Less than RM20

Regardless of you feeling hot or cold, want something to cool you down in a hot sunny day or to warm you up during a boring rainy days, hop into this place and you should be able to find whatever you want. Situated at Pelita near New Loke Yuen Cafe or just opposite IBS College, it is a place you mostly likely can have a peace of mind enjoying your drink.

One of the drink i had over here is their hot chocolate. Not too hot which is easier to drink (instead of burning your lips) sprinkled with some chocolate flakes on top. Although the serve is small but it is really enjoyable to warm you up and brighten your day.

Like something cold? Have a try on their vanilla drink or vanilla with, if i am not mistaken, crushed oreo~~~. Saf, who is our admin, tried the drink and it is a thumbs up from him! The greatness of vanilla flavour combine with just nice, not-so-sweet taste. It is one of the best vanilla he had ever tasted! i sure want to go back and try it myself one day :)

Map: (In progress)


Anonymous said...

The Desserts Imperial Mall branch has very rude staffs... I went there with my family on 30/12/08 night at 8.40pm. My sister ordered ice-cream and cheese stick with the cashier, the cashier looked rather black-faced. We ignored her & began eating at the table. Then their cleaner started sweeping around us rudely and tsk-tsking, she even swept underneath our chairs as if she's trying to shoo us away. It wasn't even their closing time yet, such terrible customer service! If they have CCTV installed, the manager can have a look what happened... Sheesh!

dasolve said...

welcome for more comments

helen said...

i wan ice cream!