Double Star Cafe Restaurant (Closed)

Name: Double Star Cafe Restaurant
Location: Pelita

Food type: Non-halal, chinese

Operating time:
What's special?: Hong Kong style food

Price range: Less than RM20
Reservation/contact: 085-426097

One of the most happening place in Miri, where many youngsters, office workers, gather together, enjoying meals varies from Hong Kong, Italy, Japanese and more, all under 1 roof, from 1 shoplot to 2 shoplots, it is a place you can enjoy your meal from start till the end. Located at Pelita, facing the Pasar Tani and you will not likely to miss this shop when you along that way.

There are many types of great dishes they have to offer and most unlikely you failed to find anything you might want to try. Fully air-conditioned environment with WIFI available for anyone to enjoy the surf on the net while enjoying the meal. One of the meals we (myself with a few maniacs along) have tried is the black bean fried kueh tiaw. The goodness of black bean fragrance spreaded all over the gravy along withthe kueh tiaw which makes it delicious irresistible. Added with lots of vegies and porks, it is surely the meal which will most likely satisfying you.

Feel like eating Japanese meal? Have a try on Teriyaki Chicken set meal. Came with a bowl of silky smooth rice, a bowl of specially made soup, and of course not to forget the nicely marinated chicken meat along with salad at the side and a small saucer of sauce to go along with the meat.

There are lots more nice meals they have over there which is hard for myself to cover all in one go. Stay tuned as i will update when i have more to show you all. Can't wait any longer? Go and have a try.

Updated: (05.11.2008)

Deep dried pork with rice. Pork meat is greatly marinated with flavour and nicely done and added with some vegetables and of course dried seaweeds on top. Another great dish you have to try.

Steamed rice with fresh vegetable, chicken pieces and chinese sausage. The great flavour of chicken pieces and chinese sausages melt to the rice and the rice absorbs all the great essence while steamed to cook. With the combination of fresh vegetables on the side, it is quire refreshing.

Update: 16.01.2009

Map: (In Progress)


EstherHuiLee said...

I like to go double star resturant.They provide nice food and got wifi.But the one i need to complain is if going dinner at there.The food was cold, the soup and the rice,and also the chicken.They didnt make it hot.Or maybe it's from afternoon?

dasolve said...

hmm... i doubt it is from afternoon but we can gather this info to the owner and then ask them to improve and make the business better at the same time boosting the economy in Miri.

= FLoReNcE = said...

Ei....the 1st pic is my car is inside dasolve's blog. :)

Anyway, most of the sunday, i will have my lunch at Double Star. Nice food! :)

Unknown said...

Now it becomes packer and packer, not much room for big group of ppl. Anyway, recommend something - if u like curry but don like it hot, try here. It's good!

dasolve said...

i think that's what japanese curry taste like ;)

Anonymous said...

I failed to spot this restaurant, where exactly at Pelita? You mentioned facing Pasar Tani and I am confused.

Anonymous said...

I like the environment and food there, the owner is a very friendly person too, thumbs up for the cafe!

Carmen WenWeN said...

used to love the Chilli Pepper chicken so much..and not am liking pork chop rice!!! and i will never miss out the chicken wings everytime i go there!!

dasolve said...

welcome for more comments

helen said...

their baked cheese rice v nice!many ppl dine in ther ohh...especially lunch time..

Anonymous said...

Just been there last night, dishes tried beef,egg with rice, veitnamese noodle soup, spring roll and garlic bread...

the portion wise is moderate so as the price medium range consider it has wifi and air-con.

Like the spring roll with their specially make chili sauce which taste a lightly sweet & sour, also a little sense of spicy -- just nice to go with the roll, perfect!

(i guess the sause is mixture of tomato, soysause, vinegar, onion (marinated within) and a hint of light spice with cut chili), and price wise is reasonable...

also like their vietname noodle soup with unique fresh fragrance of basil; quite ok, but not as tasty as what I previously had at vietnamese restaurants, maybe missing/short of some ingredient/step?

The teh-c-bin is just so so, a bit disappointing as I would expect the hong kong style cafe to have good milk tea...anyway would try their milk-shake next time.

The beef-rice is quite good too, with complement of seaweed soup, just nice.

This would be nice place to visit and have meal (although they may want to pay more attention on the cleanliness of tables)