Special Hunt: Kim Gary Restaurant (KL)

Name: Kim Gary Restaurant
Location: Sungai Wang, KL

Food type: Hong Kong Style

Operating time:
What's special?: hong kong style meals

Price range: Less than RM20

This is one of the place i had been when i made my trip to KL for both relaxing my mind and also photoshooting for a colleague's wedding. Too bad whole journey i am sick and nearly voiceless throughout the trip. I was introduced by friends whom i have met in Miri and are at KL now to come and try the food over this place where they served food in Hong Kong style.

First off is the Lunch set ordered by pEi from miricommunity.net. Met her for the first time. Serving size is good and smell is great. Serving method is also quite interesting as everything is separated from each other. So you can choose the way you like to eat them.

Like something cheesy? Try the baked rice with cheese........... Indeed it is mouth watering and smells tempting too (wow now i am hungry)

For me, i had something simpler (since i am not that well when i had the meal). Pork chop rice (with corns on top). The pork is nicely done, not too oily and the flavour just nice and not overpowered the original pork flavour. The meat is soft and easy to chew. Perfect for a happy meal.

Want something in small serve? Try the Hong Kong style toast. The bread seems deep fried and place a little piece of butter on top and let it melt. Taste is just nice without the feeling of too oily and making you lost appetite. Other than the toast, you can try the desserts or something like the jelly topped with red beans.

Overall, a place which is pretty much nearly full house throughout the place and it is a franchise restaurant. Worth the short waiting period for seatings and the price.


Anonymous said...

i thought makan maniacs is all about food in miri? hmmm, i prefer it to be that way...

dasolve said...

Oh... hahahah i categorized it as special hunt. Since i am travelling (i very rare travelling anywhere) so i might as well write a little thing about the place out of Miri.

Anonymous said...
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= FLoReNcE = said...

Kim Gary??? Opppsss...my favourite restaurant in KL. Especially the Bake Chesse Cake..nice!!! But it's fattening. :)

dasolve said...

welcome for more comments

Anonymous said...

This is must go shop for me.well I can't miss it as de food ter really tasty n de price is worthy.no regret.plus can order their famous Ying YOng drink