- A new era begins!!!

Ladies and gentlemen................ boys and girls.......................

I, together with the team who had been working on this, is proudly introducing .............................. the new name for our project!

It as just that simple. MAKAN MANIACS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! New name, wider coverage, same mission! It's all about food!

So, why change name to makan maniacs?
Apart from the reason where the word food hunt in general has been fully registered by someone and it was time, tough time for me to think of another name for this project. We have tried numerous attempt on any names but all fail to get the .com domain. Until the moment of me thinking, "Hey we are just like maniacs who likes to go out and eat and gather, why not use the word maniac? To make it possible to have the name available, we are Malaysians anyway so why not combine malay words with english?". Here we go! Makan maniacs, a group of people that wil hang out and look for food from time to time. Not only us do so, everyone doing it, but why we are different? because WE SHARE! We go, try, snap, comment and share!

And why register a name? Due to the growth of the participants who are fully or partly support this project has led me to make a decision to make this project in bigger scale! First of all i would like to thank huilee and saf for fully participating in this project since the beginning and all other people, most from our friendly neighbourhood, who fully support this site. This is not the end of the support i need from you all, it is just the very beginning of a new era, a new face lift and possibly a new one stop resource site for everyone who is either in Miri, not in Miri or visitors who wants to visit Miri, throughout Malaysia, Asia, World! Let's work together to make us as Mirians proud of our city, MIRI! Let the whole world knows the beauty of Miri is yet to be fully unleashed, unearthed and yet to be discovered!

My vision is this project will indeed an ongoing long term project as i have a vision, a dream, where it is possible, with all the hard works Mirians had put on, that out city, could possibly be another food paradise! The varieties of food are rapidly growing around Miri: we now have Thai, Italian, Western, Eastern, Indians, Japanese and of course not to forget our multi-cultural states with each culture they have their own specialties.

More updates will be announced including the new logo for our site! Thank you for your continuation supports!

Founder of MAKANMANIACS.COM (previously Miri Food Hunting)

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