Sea Horse Bistro

Name: Sea Food Bistro
Location: Piasau

Food type: Non-Halal, Chinese, Western

Operating time:
What's special?: Onions with Top Shell/Anchovies, Chicken Wing

Price range: Less than RM20
Resercation/Contact: 0138302928

Well, this will be one of the very first food hunting at night for my series :) This time i ended up at a place which is great for meet up at night esp with your long pants on :) (get the idea yet? :D )

What do they have to offer over there? There are a few dishes recommended by my friend who maybe been there quite often. I manged to order them, snap them, taste them and enjoy them :) How i wish i can make my photos which lets you smell and try them :D

First off, chicken wing. Nicely done (should be by high heat deep flying) and at the same time keep the tenderness of its meat. Normally if you deep fry anything with high heat, the end result most likely will not be as oily as those you deep fry with lower heat. So, when you eat it, it is just nice. Not too salty, not to oily. Great way to enjoy finger food with friends while having a drink or two.

Want something give you a little more "excitement"? Look no further. Try their onions with Top Shell. It is actually Top Shell which is, if i am not mistaken, boiled to cook using certain heat and timing. Do not overcooked them or else you ended up chewing them like chewing gums :) Mixed with Onions (both big onions and red onions), chillis and should be lime juices. I think this could be nearly 100% fat free (meaning that during the preparation, no additional oil are used on top) and opens up your appetite to crave for more food. If you like something spicy and if do not mind about your breath after eating them, give it a try. If you don't like top shell, you can choose to have anchovies version :)



cavogue said...

u should try the lamb cubes!!superb!!!

dasolve said...

wokie kavukz!

= FLoReNcE = said...

Wow...i like this place...hehehe...if next time go here...remember to ask me along la. :)

dasolve said...

hahaha can can flo. let you know when i go ya :D

cavogue said...

let me know too..:P

dasolve said...

welcome for more comments

helen said...

chicken chops again!! nice!! nice nice!! ice lemon tea!!

Anonymous said...

wat is the phone number?