5000 and ongoing!!!

And yes..... we did it again. Manage to attract readers to hit our site for more than 1000 hits in just slightly less than 2 weeks! (27.02.2008)!! Despite i have not done by any review since last updated about 9 - 10 days ago (sorry really overloaded), i am honoured to have so many friends and readers to support this site and probably one of the only site which intend to promote food in Miri alone in full scale. Yes indeed more critiques and negative feedbacks are piling up in my list, but i'll take them as things need to be done. This site will need your continuous support in giving me feedback on food you have tried. Your comments can be the survival key to get the food industry in Miri to reach a greater height. If you want good food found in Miri, then please comment on how you want them to improve! I have comment section for each review and please make use of it, say something, what went wrong.

In addition, it is true that some comments are saying i may be over-rated, but i think it is most likely the case where the consistencies happen, no excuse for this to have a business doing well. But those that are really cannot be accepted will not be posted at all in this site until further improvement done by them. So, those i have posted are actually the places which i think there's something you might want to try which is not that bad.

Currently there's still not much progression on how to improve the site, the lookahead plans and so on. I will try to work it out very soon and serve it a better one-stop site for everyone who look for food in Miri.

Once again, thank you and keep reading!



Anonymous said...

Thanks, we've recently relocated from KL to Miri and your website has helped us loads in planning where to go makan during the weekends. Keep the posts coming! Im loving Miri food now ;-)

dasolve said...

hi carmen! Thanks for visiting this site and yes i will try to upload more by this weekend! lately overloaded with own work so i will need to upload something this weekend. Keep visiting!