Kadz Cafe

Name: Kadz Cafe
Location: Pujut
Food type: Malay, Western, Halal
Operating time: TBC
on time, off every Monday
What's special?: BBQ Steamboat
Price range: Less than RM20
Reservations: 0168525352 (Ah Yew), 0178116066 (Siti)

Ladies and gentlemen, want some "westernized" food which is nearby Pujut area? Here you go! This is the new cafe open some where near the Petronas Station towards the direction of Lutong. And guess what? it is halal! With all the friendly people and experienced chef from well-recognized restaurant, this is somewhere you want want to try up if you do not like to drive all the way to town and eat.

First off, they do serve garlic bread too. Crispy from the skin and soft in between. Garlic spread on top smell great but a bit too salty. I believe this is not the big matter. It can be improved easily anyway :)

If you like malay cuisine, they do serve meals like Nasi Goreng Kampung (fried rice with anchovies with a hint of hot and spicy in it), Nasi Goreng Pattaya looks great although i did not try it myself yet (it is actually chicken fried rice wrap with fried egg). Mee Goreng or Kueh Tiaw Goreng in malay style. Goes perfectly well when the lime is used. I just love the way the lime juice goes with it.

Here comes the western menu. Varies from Italian style to chops. Portion wise might be small for some and enough for some. I personally not tested all the dishes yet apart from the Seafood Marinara. Cooked with special herb and ingredients are quite fresh and the seafood amount is quite reasonable. Taste is still not too bad but the serve for the pasta for some might suggest to have more. I was informed where the meal has been improved a lot lately with a very experienced chef from one of the well-known restaurant. So i will still suggest to give them a try, even myself, will like to revisit the place and try out the improved version of their meal.

They also serve other kind of western meals. Varies from steak/chops, pasta, soups and even salad! Oh yes, i have tried their calamari ring and i actually like it. Each ring are big compare to other restaurants around Miri. The taste esp the coating for the calamari is crispy and soft as the same time. Goes perfectly well with the tartare sauce.

That's not all they have to serve. I am yet to try their famous Nasi Padang and i was informed that the new version of menu is coming up soon with more varieties in food and drink. Stay tuned as i will have the privilege to cover their new menus. For the mean time, go and try it out yourself. It might not be perfect but your truthful comments are greatly helpful for them to improve and serve us better. Feel free to direct drop me an email to mirifoodhunting@gmail.com or the comment section below this post. You will remain anonymous and will not share out your name.

Map: (In Progress)

Updated: 04.05.2010

Kadz Cafe has now offer new menus to all their customers. Featuring halal BBQ steamboat buffet! Situated just somewhere near Petronas Petrol Station at Pujut 7 area (towards Lutong direction). For the price of RM20 per adult, RM10 for age 4 to 12 and FREE for age 3 and below, eat all you can, either BBQ it or steamboat style with the choice of soup between Tom Yam or White Carrot. This will be your choice to enjoy BBQ steamboat with your muslim friends and families.


dasolve said...

welcome for more comments

nic said...

Looks good! but no pork.. ;(

Got jagung?

Anonymous said...

the food there is not nice at all! the sup tulang used to be nice but now is tasteless! o my goodness! what happened?! the fried meehoon always disappoint me, smell of burnt oil! please improve on the quality of the food!

Anonymous said...

I've been to Kadz only 4 times (the 2nd time because my friend wanted to eat there, 3rd time because the other kedai makan around is not open and the 4th time is to try the steamboat).

The fried mee and nasi campur is so-so only and it's quite pricey actually. A friend once discovered a dead fly in his soy sauce meat.

For the western food, hoho, this really pissed me off. It's freaking expensive since the taste was urgh, if given free, I wouldn't eat it. I bought lamb chop (tasted so-so) and spaghetti carbonara during that time and the spaghetti, I couldn't even finish the one bite I took. That's how bad it tasted to me.

For the steamboat & bbq, the seafood were seriously not fresh. When some of my friends dumped some of the seafood like mussel inside the soup, I couldn't eat the soup or the content inside anymore because it tasted bad, kinda stale. There were a few interesting things happened that night. When we first got there, a freaking rat ran right across our feet and the whole night my friends and I were there, the lady owner glared at us every time we laughed out loud (not that loud though). A friend once told me that the lady owner didn't even crack a smile when she met my friend's eyes (not the same night). It's not like we're not paying for our food, sigh. They will also charge the customer for unfinished food, like RM8 per 100gram. That's fine for me, but they also took my friend's unfinished corn (she almost ate all of it except for a few bites) and weighed it down as unfinished food. Come on, it's just a few bites left, do you really need to be so fussy? If you really need to weight it down, why not separate the unfinish corn from the corn-cob?

The point is, not going to eat there anymore, no matter what!

Fui & L3e said...
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EstherHuiLee said...

Totally disappointed. Lots of flies .It's mention Buffet BBQ and steamboat. Eat all you can.But they didn't refill the foods and just leave it all empty. That time only 8pm. It's dinner time and still got few tables of customers having the buffet dinner also. I and my friend keep waiting they refill the foods. End up, they only take out the few type of meats. no more sea foods, no more vegetables, no more fish balls and others.

For me, this is the 1st time and also the last time.

Anonymous said...

I have been there 4 different occasions over the last few years, each additional visit as giving them another chance in the hopes that they have improved over the last time. Also because the owner / one of the owners happens to be a colleague at the office.

The first visit was some time when they first opened and it was the best experience, buffet style nasi campur all you can eat, tasty and at a reasonable price (RM4-6 per person not incl. drink)

If they maintained that original standard all the way till today I wouldn't mind making it my daily lunch location.

Recent findings:

Their nasi campur these days are very expensive, expect to pay 50 to 100% more of what other malay shops would charge.

The cook puts a lot of salt in the dishes. The extent of saltiness is not your usual "slightly" salty, but is more like someone accidentally bumped and spilled the whole salt jar into the pot while cooking. Example: Daging masak kicap, ikan bilis, fried tempe. Each bite as salty as half a cube of fermented tofu. Probably their strategy to discourage people from taking bigger scoops of the dishes with their rice?

Would definitely not return there again.

cherry melai said...

is there any steamboat bbq in miri town besides this..??

dasolve said...


As for halal i am not quite sure but other options are 883 Steamboat and Strawhat. BOth at Permyjaya. Refer to map for their location :)

Anonymous said...

This place no longer exist. Maybe it's time to do some cleanup/revision to your blog postings. Noticed some other places still not updated as well :)