Niu Kee Food Centre / Canteen Season Motor

Name: Niu Kee Food Centre / Canteen Season Motor
Location: Piasau

Food type: Chinese, Non-halal

Operating time:
What's special?: Ah Nga Fried Kueh Tiaw
Price range: Less than RM10

Situated next to Nissan Service Centre and on your left hand side if you are on the way from Krokop area towards Ng Siang Hap (aka Pottery), this is a place probably not much people know what you can get here. With its name in Chinese (translated will be something like Niu Kee Food Centre) totally different from the English version, and if you like fried food, try ah Nga's fried Kueh Tiaw at here!

What's so special about this meal? As far as i can recalled, i had their fried kueh tiaw at my very young age and you are talking about more than 20 years ago! Used to be situated at the coffee shop just opposite the road on where i stayed now. After years of doing business and moving around to search for a location to settle down and do their business, they are now at this place and continue to serve us their best fried kueh tiaw to all the people in Miri! The taste is just great and it is not burnt (which might make it taste a bit bitter). Portion is big, so, for girls, prepare to share :) I like the way it is cooked as it is not too oily. What can i say more? You try it yourself and you tell me how good it is :) They do serve other meal esp the clay pot yam noodle (or similar) which i am yet to have a try.

Want something different? You can try the mini size dim sum session over there operated under Yong Kee. Selections are minimum but taste is not too bad. I heard that this stall is quite famous. Stay tuned as i will revisit and find out more for my readers (yes, you). For the mean time, enjoy the photos i have taken from this stall :)

Map: (In progress)


EstherHuiLee said...

Oh my favourite lou mai kai!! That's very nice...i like it very much...if not wrong the boss who make this lou mai kai which base at Ho Poh!!Very nice...Hungry...hmm..

Unknown said...

Dear Frens & Strangers,

The fried kueh tiaw will be perfect if u say "make it spicy", then u will choked by the 'belacan' taste. Do it when u really can take up hot stuffs. The dim sum is ok, not much choices but all the stuffs are fresh. Do try the chicken legs. :O)

cync said...

The fried kueh tiaw stall seriously need to have proper "time management". This is the second time my family left that place without eating their food because been waiting for the ordered food for sooooooo looooooooooong, which is ridiculously long. Please provide feedback to them to improve their service. Thank you.

EstherHuiLee said...

i miss lou mai kai!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

their tomato mee and tomato kueh tiao taste even better.
they have another stall at ming cafe

dasolve said...

welcome for more comments

helen said...

heard of their fried kueh tiaw v nice..but i haven try yet..nice mar..?

Anonymous said...

Good News!!!The dimsum stall move to Tian Sin Cafe already...the cafe opposite public library!!!