9696 Cafe

Name: 9696 Cafe
Location: Town
Food type: Chinese, non-halal
Operating time: TBC

What's special?: Ban Mian
Price range: Less than RM10

I am not sure if anyone will say me over-rated this time but this place is like crouching tiger hidden dragon! A small cafe shop in between other shops at Pelita and just opposite Hot Cross Bun. I personally did not aware of such cafe but amazingly they serve varieties of great foods.

Try their curry rice. Served the curry in a bowl and with another plate of rice. So you can eat it anyway you want to. Portion is just nice and the curry is great for me as it is not too hot and spicy. The chicken are greatly absorb the curry flavour and therefore every bite you have on the chicken are full of flavour along with the rice.

You can try their ban mian, which is a kind of hand-made noodles. Their servings are different from other shops that they add dumplings! Sprinkled anchovies, minced pork, fried shallots and local vegetables. You can choose either the dry or the soup based. Both are great! I like the idea of the taste are evenly great for each item in a bowl which nothing is overpowering each other in it. I think this is probably one of the best ban mian i have tried so far in Miri.

Another dish i want to show you is something which is hardly seen by any cafe around Miri. It is called Shen Rou Mian (in English it is sounded like Raw Meat Noodle). Please do not get me wrong that it is not serving raw meat. What i understand is that they are using fresh meat which are minced and boil to cook and served in a soup. And you have another bowl of noodles specially mixed with some ingredients to go with the soup. The combination of both? Amazing........ i never try this before until the time i took this photo. Give it a try and maybe it is your liking as well :)



EstherHuiLee said...

They serve nice shui jiao also!May try...Heard that they serve tomyam mee before.My frens said very nice.Spicy enough but the boss told us.They no more do tomyom soup cause difficult to find nice ingredient in Miri. :(

dasolve said...

welcome for more comments

helen said...

i tried d pan mee le...but nth special ler..quite small bowl de..happiness cafe de nicer!!the curry jz ok..but u can try to request to re-fill the curry gravy..hahah..

jim said...

shen rou mian?? tried that in kk... its kk local food if not my mistaken... will try it some other day... :) in suncity there oso got sheng rou mian... :)