Ah Tao

Name: Ah Tao (Formally known as Pong's Cafe)
Location: Boulevard
Food type: Chinese, Western, non-halal
Operating time: TBC

What's special?: Big serve!
Price range: Less than RM10
Reservation: 0168881879

One of the hottest spot in town at night! Despite its location is pretty much cannot be seen from the main road at all, but this place is nearly packed everyday! If you did not make any advance booking, good luck my friend. A place where you can relax, talk and eat at the same time with a group of friends and you never aware how fast the time passes by! Situated at the inner shoplot behind New Thompson Restaurant which is opposite Mega Hotel. It is very hard to describe in word so i will try to come out with a map as soon as i can.

Some of the finger food ranges that i can introduce to you all is their special fried tofu. Cut into ice cube size which is great for each bite in your mouth, each of them are full of flavour which are specially mixed and made for their customers. Served with mayonnaise as an option for you to go with the tofu.

Try their deep fried chicken wings. Marinated with ingredients of their style and then light coated around each piece before deep frying them. I think this is great and enjoyable when you have a long conversation with friends with a drink or two with this dish.

If you like something light and refreshing, you can go for their vegetarian salad. With great amount of lettuces, carrots, cucumbers and more with toppings of mayonnaise. Do not misjudge the portion as by the time you finish them, you are pretty much full though :)

Let's look at the rice series. Some of the ones we have ordered that nice are the black pepper pork with fried rice, if i am not mistaken it is thai chicken with rice, and then the milky chicken with fried rice. As usual, each serve are big and satisfies the need for a dinner for many of us. You can choose either pork, chicken or even fish for the flavour of your choice (among them are thai, black pepper, milky and more). You can either choose with white rice or fried rice (with extra cost of course).

For the western section, they served great portion for their chops which are all in deep fried style. Among the ones we had that night was the fish and chip and the chicken chop with special sauce. They have varieties of pork, lamb and chicken for you to select. Even with the sauce, you can choose wither black pepper, mushroom or the special sauce. If you feel like more challenging meal to go for, try their mambo jumbo mixed grill chop! comes with lamb, pork and chicken. That's not all. It goes with baked beans, hotdogs, salads and lot of chips! The last time i had it, i failed to finish them. Dare to challenge? go for it!


Anonymous said...

Pong's Cafe is the best. I love the mixed grill.... it is really a BIG portion.

You need to pre-book to dine here because it is becoming a popular spot for students/teenagers to do their gathering. :)

小钰儿记事簿 said...

May I have Pong's cafe contact? I wanna make a reservation. Thanks ya.

dasolve said...

welcome for more comments

helen said...

u must book if u plan to go ther..haha..but the chicken chops nt v nice ler..big size only mar..hahha..but inside of it many fatty oil..yuks..famous in big big portion! they will give u a present if u celebrate ur birthday at ther..ops..no surprise le ho..haha

Anonymous said...

is it Old Pong's Cafe in Town closing down? Ah Tao brand is replaced Pong's Cafe in Town?

any comments????

dasolve said...

Pong Cafe at the moment close for further renovation.

Yes it is replacing. Menaing that whole group including the chef all move to the place called Ah Tao now.

Anonymous said...

crowded and slow! the side dishes stall serves good appetizers (small makan) but the main stall will have to improve in their speed.. think the bottleneck is in the kitchen.

Anonymous said...

At 1st i've been thr tried their food, really nice lo, and in big portion too, i think it was about 2 years before, I like the salad tauhu very much, really very delicious..but...recently their food standard not good anymore, salad tauhu not delicious anymore, food became small portion le..

ChiL said...

i dunno they moved already!!I need map please