Give me an 8 Baby! It's 8000!

As of 29.09.2008, this site has reached a whooping 8000 hits! Despite the highs and lows recently encounter by my team in any area, we are still working hard on it.

The "never say never" spirit still within us to do better from time to time. Although so far you might not see any difference for the past few months but a lot of behind the scene planning are ongoing and need to be finalised. Slowly you will see stickers of our logo in many stores and restaurants to come that indicates we have been there.

New staff name will be announced quite soon so stay tuned.

We have sort of re-defined our main objective to have this project by covering as many local food stall as possible instead of restaurant so that all my reader get a chance to try something or even, somewhere which they have never tried before, had not had them for ages which you have totally forgotten about it. Our range has also expanded to the level of visiting factories or places where they made them in Miri. This is to show that what we have here in terms of food that you might want to buy when you are in Miri and bring it to someone who is not in Miri or even those who has no idea what is special in Miri.

Thank you all once again for your support and hope this site can reach my intent target of 10,000 hits soon.

Cheers for now.


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