Hole No 9

Name: Hole No 9
Location: Piasau
Food type: Malay, halal
Operating time: Normally for breakfast only

What's special?: Chicken Wing
Price range: Less than RM10

For those who has not idea of this place, yes, it is true, that most of us actually call this place as Hole No 9 and i have no idea if they actually have the proper name for the store. This is among the favourite place for most people who work in Old and Gas industry nearby with their famous and sizzling hot chicken wings!

Before i go further, why named as hole no 9? Well, the store is located just next to Miri golf Club. It happens that the store is near to the 9th hole for the golf. In order to "easily search" for the place of the store, just look for hole no 9 for the golf course :D If anyone knows why it turns to this name, please let me know :)

Before we go for the "wings" i mentioned above, let's look at other dishes they have. You can order their fried noodles served either with chicken or beef. Portion is just nice, flavour is rich which allows to enjoy the noodles, the oiliness however, what i can recall, is just nice for mine.

Fancy of Mee Jawa? Have a try on their version of Mee Jawa. Served with chicken wings! Taste a equally well like the noodles i have mentioned above and the great thing is it is not as oily as far as i can recall.

As i personally do not eat beef, and if you like beef, you can try the Mee Sup Tulang which the stock are boiled in long hours with bones. Smell-wise is great in beef aroma with the noodles and some vegetables to go with it and of course not to forget beef to go along. I believe this meal will be among the favourite as i hardly see a thick layer of oil on top of the stock.

Last but not least, the chicken wings! It is like considering you have not been there if you do not have their chicken wings! Freshly deep fried and with it tenderness and juiciness and the taste, you are craving for more! But of course, please control your intake :) you can always go back for the next round :D

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Anonymous said...

A few friends of mine recommended me to try its' Mee Jawa, which is so sedaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap!!!

Anonymous said...

What is their actual operating hour? Is it open for lunch? How bout Sat & Sunday?

dasolve said...

most likely only morn session everyday. i will need to double check :)

Anonymous said...

is this in piasau camp?

Anonymous said...


Benze here.... is it .. the miri golf club there?

Anonymous said...

sound very interested but how to going to try? location only put piasau and without any further details on address!!!

my wife is wanna going to try but without proper address!!!!

dasolve said...

welcome for more comments