New First Choice Cafe Centre

Name: New First Choice Cafe Centre
Location: Pujut
Food type: Chinese, non-halal
Operating time: TBC

What's special?: Curry Fish Head
Price range: Varies from food ordered

Situated at Pujut 6 shoplots (many mistaken this location as Pujut 7 actually) where all the houses are around. This place is actually known by many as "Curry Fish Head place", where this name has pretty much told you what their speciality is. Before i show you their famous curry fish head, let me take this opportunity to show you what i had tried at this place.

local vegetable (named as "mani") with egg. Simple dish but nice to eat especially with rice. The great taste of the vegetables goes well with the aroma from eggs which is mixed together and eat them with rice.

Another great local dishes you might want to try (especially for those who came from somewhere out of Sarawak and want to try local specialities) this one - local vegetable cooked with local red wine (named as "milin") If you don't like having it with red wine, try and have it different ways such as with belacan (local shrimp paste) or just garlic.

If you want chicken, you can try their thai chicken. It is served with roasted chicken which sprinkled with red onions flakes, chilli flakes, big onions and of course not to forget, lime juice! The mixture just goes very well with the roast chicken as lime has the ability to cut down the oily sensation which you hardly feel the dish is oily.

If you like pork, you can try their deep fried pork which is then cut into stripes and served with dipping sauce. Crunchy from the outside, soft and juicy from the inside. Try it to believe it.

And of course not to forget their ace, curry fish head! Served in a big claypot. The aroma just went wild when it is placed on top of our table. Taste? it's good. Not too spicy for me and the gravy is thick and great for eating it with rice (if you have any left by then). Fish meat are smooth and silky which absorb the curry flavour into it. It is surely a must have for most customers there especially at night. Worth a try if you like this dish.

Map: (in progress)


dasolve said...

welcome for more comments

Anonymous said...

halo can i ask is the crabs here nice or not? hehehe

dasolve said...


never try their crab before so i am not sure :) i did not really see people order crab there :)

Anonymous said...

ok, thanks.
as i read so places to eat crabs are yu hai ha and newthompson seafood right?? how bout tanjung seafood? which one ll be the best for cheap and nice crabs?

oh so do ppl order steamed fish bside curry fish at new first choice?is it expensive to eat dere?

actually i nvr been to pujut area b4, its near to grand palace hotel, isit? can give me other landmarks?

Anonymous said...

yeah...New First Choice Cafe Centre serve one of the best Curry Fish Head in Miri and the price is reasonable..

Anonymous said...

And u guys shud try the herbal pork leg here.. it's reli good..hehe..

Leo said...

d fish head is nice but when u're business is good, nobody give a shit about the service anymore. had a very very bad experience there 1 week ago.d owner had a very very annoying attitude, impolite as well.

ah yu said...

No selling crab here,sorry!

Eliza said...

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