New Tanjung Seafood Restaurant

Name: New Tanjung Seafood Restaurant
Location: Tanjung (Further down from City)
Food type: Chinese, non-halal
Operating time: TBC

What's special?: Cheap and nice!
Price range: Varies from food ordered
Reservation/Contact: 085 - 413494

One of the favourite place for many people in Miri for enjoying not only reasonable in price but also the great taste! Located at the roundabout in front of Marriot Hotel. If you are heading from the city, it is left turn from the roundabout and then the final shop lot on your left. I doubt you will miss the spot as you will see a lot of people dining there. There are so many dishes over there which i will only be able to show you some of them. You can try the rest yourself when you are there :)

Let's look at some of the vegetables we have ordered. Local vegetable with belacan! This kind of vegetable (i forgot the name) need to be soft to taste nice and it is nicely done. With the great aroma and flavour of belacan to go with the tasteless vegetable, it is just simple enjoyable meal to go with rice. Another vegetable we had ordered were the long bean with minced pork. The taste? just nice. Have a try.

If you like Japanese tofu or some might refer to them as bean curd, have a try on their Japanese tofu in a wok. For those who are not sure of the difference between normal tofu and Japanese tofu, normal tofu are usually white in colour in a big cube shape and easily broken into pieces if not handle well. Whereas Japanese tofu are mixed with egg and usually sell in supermarket and wrap in plastic bag. The Japanese tofu were deep fried and then finally cooked with either chicken meat in cube, minced pork or even seafood. WIth a lot of gravy to go along with the tofu, it makes them silky smooth and nice to eat too!

Done with the lightweight food, time for heavyweight meals to be introduced! First off, butter prawn! For those who likes prawn, you should give it a try on this as it is recommended by many people. Prawns were deep fried in high heat to cook while maintain its freshness and juiciness and then stir fry with their specially prepared ingredients and usually cooked to with curry leaves to enhance the flavour.

Like pork? try their sweet and sour deep fried pork. What it does is the pork were deep fried until just cook and stir with specially prepared sauce before ended with cucumbers, red onions and chillies on top. Pork were tender and soft, easy to chew. Try it yourself.

Here comes the powerhouse! Curry Lamb! Served in a claypot with lots of mutton and potatoes. The curry paste are just great to go along with the lamb. Potatoes are just nice to fit into the whole dish but the lamb is a bit too hard for the night. If it can be cooked in slow heat longer, it will be much better. Nontheless, mistakes may not happen twice. Give it a try.

Deep fried pork leg! Also called as crispy pata and i think the serving style are originated from Philippines and has been a trend for many restaurants around Miri now. Crispy from the outside and super soft from the inside. It is like the meat are melting in your mouth. Comes with a dipping sauce which is usually in sour flavour and goes well with food that are oily.



EstherHuiLee said...

The Green bean with salted fish is too salty la...And they got nice 3 layer meat :) non halal oh!
Other meal still so so...

dasolve said...

welcome for more comments

helen said...

erm...last time quite famous de..d dishes jz okok lar!