Park View Restaurant and Coffee House

Name: Park View Restaurant and Coffee House
Location: Town
Food type: Chinese, Western, Malay
Operating time: 7am - 5:30pm Monday to Sunday

What's special?: Apple Chicken Rice
Price range: Less than RM20

This is probably one of the place which most people are not aware of, or even, they have forgotten about the existence of this restaurant. Situated at the heart of City nearby our very first high-rise building, Wisma Pelita. It is also where our main Bus Terminal located. So where's the restaurant? If you know Kok Chee Restaurant, which is used to be one of the grandest restaurant for weddings in Miri. It is just located behind this restaurant. I believe i will need to draw a map for this as it is hard to explain in words. There are some food which i think they serve well which i like to share with you all. It is always feel great to share good food with everyone :)

Varies from Chinese meals to Malay meals, you should be able to find something you like for your meal. You can have simple soup for the meal such as the corn soup added with lots of ingredients such as carrots and eggs. Taste however still ok and not too bad.

Like to have some sandwiches instead? Try their club sandwich set. Half of the sandwiches are served with beef while another half was served with chicken. So, you have have 2 different flavours in one serve which sandwiched with tomatoes, onions, cheese and lettuce. Comes with lots of french fries to fulfill your appetite. Oh yes, it serves with an egg too (although i have no idea why they just put on top of it)

You can try their Fried Kueh Tiaw with belacan. Portion size might be small for some but they are great in flavour. Belecan taste is nice and the way they prepare it is delicious. Or if you want, you can try the Mee Mamak (if i am not mistaken on the dish in the picture), not sure about the taste but it should not be too bad at all. Try it up yourself and see if it is up to your taste.

If you prefer rice, you can try their available choices and among them we had are the salad chicken rice. Served with deep fried chicken meat and the mayonnaise are put at the side instead of on top of the meat. Some lightly prepared vegetables is served along the meal as well.

This is among my favourite at here and i was surprised how good it is. It is called Apple Chicken Rice. Yes, they are using fresh apples which cuts into small slices and cooked with special sauces with mixture of vegetables and onions. It give you the sweetness, nice apple aroma and a bit of apple sour along with the deep fried chicken pieces. I really think you should give this a try. I will like to have this again if i visit this place next time.



Anonymous said...

They are also famous for their set lunch during weekdays (2 different set menus per day). My favourite dish is Chicken Muko Rice. So far all my friends enjoy that dish very much. The chicken tastes like a mixture of salad cream and black pepper.

dasolve said...

noted. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

this coffee house is stil thr. my mum always bring me thr for meals during weekends. lots of memories thr. definately wil go try.

dasolve said...

welcome for more comments

helen said...

can try their cheese ommelete!! but a bit oily lar..the prices ther ar nt too high..can try!