X cuisine


Name: X Cuisine
Location: Pelita
Food type: Chinese, non-halal
Operating time: TBC

What's special?: Stone bowl rice
Price range: Mostly less than RM10
Reservation/contact: 0168525805

Want to try something new or one of the kind in Miri as of the day i have written this? Yes we have been eating claypot rice or noodles which are quite common now. Even with the hotplate style, it is quite common and nothing really special nowadays but......................... using stone bowl to have rice in it? What is that? Let me show you what they are.

While it is served, the stone bowl is hot so...... be careful not to touch it! How hot it is? i am not sure but i think it is hot enough to burn you and jump up in a sudden. Served with rice which are flavoured and topped with chicken meats, capsicum (also named as green pepper), big onion rings, chillis and of course seaweeds. Best serve is to mix all of them together and since you are given a plate, take the amount you want and put it on the plate while leave the rest in the stone bowl to keep it warm. I quite like the flavour as it is just nice and not to the extend that the flavour is too strong and you will hardly want to take another one quite soon. They have other kind of flavour to choose so feel free to drop by and try ir yourself.

For their hotplate series, i like the way of the portion on meat and vegetables as it is served in even amount. Vegetables are boiled to cook which is plain and refreshing while the meat ( which i had is the black pepper chicken) is in stronger flavour. Oh, it comes with rice too just in case you are curious. My opinion, i think it is good (not that i comment it is good for nothing). If you combine all and eat with rice, it is just nice in terms of flavour. Try it yourself if you still not quite sure it is actually good. I hope the quality still equally good while you try them :) That's where i want your comment on :)

If you want finger food instead, you can try this. Deep fried eggplant served with meat floss. The sweetness of floss goes with the fragrance and hot eggplant is quite a surprise combination to me as i never eat it this way. Of course, the taste is actually quite nice. For your information if it is not nice i will not comment anyway so be sure it is as of a certain quality before i comment on them. If you ever try this before, try it!



Anonymous said...

hi there, can i know where is this x cuisine located? thnks

EstherHuiLee said...

Anonymous, x-cruisine at pelita area.Same roll with Nine to Five.

Anonymous said...

X Cuisine is here, how about Nine2Five? no post on Nine2Five?

all3 said...

X Cuisine's name sound great but the food is not as great as the name. Just so-so. Peppermint tea supposed to be drank without sugar but they added sugar. Tasted worse than medicine.Service was not so great either. This is one place I would not want to try out again.

Nine2Five provides great food especially the fresh fruit drink.I've been to this place many times. Environment n design is beautiful too.

EstherHuiLee said...

Dasolve, Is it the map direction got a bit wrong???

dasolve said...

welcome for more comments

helen said...

jz ok ok lar..some of the food quite expensive de..

Anonymous said...

the best place ever. food so yummy. hang out there three times there. they also will present the new menu for they customer in next month..can't wait to go back there..