Yabe~dabe~du~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!! 7000 and rollin!

and yes! another breakthrough! We have now reach 7000 hits as of today, 19.09.2008! Well, i know it is nothing so special about this figure anyway but hey, afford pays off :)

Thank you for all the readers who just recently browse, frequently browsed or even my die hard fans if any, for browsing this site. Feedbacks are always welcome to have this site serve everyone better.

So what's my plan? Apart from doing more huntings out there, there's plan in upgrading our services (yet to be reviewed on how we do it). We will try to expand our publicity to a greater level and be known by more people hopefully around the world, telling them that Miri, it is really not that bad after all.

For those who wants to help us, give more comments, suggest more places, buy our stickers!

Let's hope and see if we can reach 8000 by end of this month :)


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