Yippie! 6000 now!

Wow............. amazing. Only merely 12 days, this site has reached another height! Happy 6000 everyone!

Once again, thank you all for the great support and feedback to make this site useful and actually manage to send across our message to the cafe and restaurant owners in how to improve their meals and serve us better. More and more people know about this site from time to time and this is what i want to achieve and also in a way need to achieve to have this site a success.

More planning are ongoing with few strong partners of mine plus possibly additional few partners in the coming future. I am yet to announce them but when the time is right, i will announce who are they. With their great support including my current 2 partners, success is on our side.

Stay tuned for more update from us soon as we are nearly finalizing some upcoming plans that makes makanmaniacs.com more popular. Please show your continuation support!



Anonymous said...


My friend told me about your website and it is interesting to know various eating places in Miri nowadays. Secret Receipt also opens already and I cannot wait to go there this weekend.

Hey, what you think of CITRUS? I went there last weekend but the food that I ordered was not to my expectation though.

Keep up providing your readers with good information.


dasolve said...

Hi there, thanks for visiting our site.

Actually i am quite surprise on the over-rated comments from everywhere about my review on CITRUS. I will further look into it as whether their quality is degrading.

Keep it coming. More comments are always welcome.

Anonymous said...

Recently, I found a few popular places which are not hygience when dogs wondering around while you are eating. It is really put you off and you will think twice either to come back or not.
The places are:
1.Fun Lin Restaurant at E-Mart
2.The popular Curry Fish Head shop at Pujut 6

Miri is City now and I hope all eating places in Miri will be improved especially in food quality and hygience.

dasolve said...

Hi there, a very great comment and on the spot. This is definitely a serious matter when it come to hygiene. I will need to see if there's any action party who can handle this matter as my network is still quite limited. Will try my best to follow up this matter. Thank you for commenting and keep it coming!

小钰儿记事簿 said...

U can try contact MBM. I saw them "hunting" for dogs near by my office twice.