2020 Cafe

Name: 2020 Cafe
Location: Pelita
Food type: Chinese, Non-halal
Operating time: TBC

What's special?: Dim Sum
Price range: Varies from food ordered, usually less than RM10 per dish

If you want Dim Sum in Miri, most people will surely recommend you to this place. Situated at Pelita, opposite the well-known Rexbox Karaoke Centre. This is probably one of the place with the large selections of non-halal dim sums in Miri. Make sure you have plenty of time and not in a hurry as you might require patience to look for a seat and carparks! It is just packed everytime especially during the weekend.

Before i go into Dim Sum series, they also serve other food to suit your appetite like laksa which i think quite a number of people ordered them as well apart from Dim Sum. You can try it if you like laksa. If you want claypot, here you go. Nice and hot, serve it while it is hot. If you are a fan of kolok mee, try their version. The servings are different from other places in Miri. They added the noodles with fish cakes, BBQ pork, marinated minced pork and vegetables. This is among the favourite for their customers while having breakfast here.

It's dim sum time! There are many more available but i just manage to show you some of the selection i had when the photos taken. Don't just look at the photos here. Look at your calendar and plan for a breakfast at this place.

I probably do a bit of description on each dish i know for anyone who might never try them before.

"Wu Kok" - It is deep fried yam paste stuffed with minced pork. Minced pork are wrapped with yam paste which is made from real yam which are smashed and then coated with some flour before deep frying them. It is soft and hot from the outside while the juiciness of minced pork are smooth and warm along with the great aroma of yam. Something you might want to try.

This is something like a fried wonton if i can recall well. Minced meat (usually pork) are mixed with other ingredients and wrapped with wonton skin (or maybe even using tofu skin). Deep fried in high heat oil before served.

This is among the favourite for many customers. "Chee Cheung Fen" - it is actually made of flour which is steamed into a big sheet of skin which is kind of like white transparent colour. The taste of it is like plain kueh tiaw what we had out there but this is in one big sheet. They wither wrapped them with fresh prawn or BBQ pork, roll them and but into proper length. Finally, steamed them till it is hot and while serving, pour some sauce on top. Silky smooth for the skin with the great flavour of the content along with the not-too-salt sauce the goes with the dish. Tempting~~~

This is another type of steam dumpling which stuffed with vegetables. It is different kind of dough where this type of dough when cooked it is like crystal skin.

I cannot recall well what this is but i think it is minced chicken meat wrapped with the crystal skin dough. Not too bad.

One of the famous dish among the dim sum series - "Siu Mai". It is actually use something like wonton skin wrapped around minced pork before steamed to cook.

Another favourite of mine which is hard to find in many places especially when you been to halal dim sum restaurant - Steamed Pork Ribs. Seasoned along with salty beans to enchance the flavour of pork rib. Steamed to cook. Meat are tender, soft and juicy. Give it a try.

"Xiao Long Bao" - it is a kind of bun, but made of thicker dough to wrap around minced pork with lots of gravy when they are still chilled. It is made into bun-shaped and then steamed to cook. The whole idea of gravy which are still chilled is that it is easier to be wrapped inside the dough. When it is ready to serve, eat it with care as the content is really hot! when you have the first bite, the gravy just flow madly out from the dough (ok not really that dramatic :) ). But what i try to say is this is the kind of dish where you do not require a spoon to have the "soup" of the meal. Got the idea? :) Juicy and delicious. A great combination.

"Fung Zao" - also called as steamed chicken feet. Chicken feet were deep fried in high heat and then cooked till soft with specially prepared ingredients. When you had them , it is easily de-boned them while eating them. Therefore it really requires minimum effort to enjoy such a dish :)

"Ha Gao" - prawn dumpling in other words. This is one of the hottest sale item among the dim sum series. Crystal skin dough wrapped the fresh prawn marinated with some ingredients before steamed to cook. You should have this when you have dim sum, unless you are allergy to prawn.

This something like deep fried minced pork wrapped with tofu skin with sweet sauce. Minced pork were wrapped with thin tofu skin and deep fried till cooked. Then it is cooked and steamed along with the sauce which gives sweetness to the meat.

Steamed crab stick. It should be deep fried with some coating before steaming them.

There are more other dim sum to choose so you have to find it out yourself when you pay them a visit :)

Map: (in progress)


Anonymous said...

2020 really make me curious, how come so crowded every time i pass by.

The food is just not nice, according witht those penansular standard no need to compare with Hong Kong stuff..

and this does make sense how come the Grand Palace, Mega Hotel, Boulevard restaurent are so full of those from penansular....

dasolve said...

welcome for more comments

helen said...

erm..nth special oso..many types of food to choose..nt nit wait too long on d food..service quite sistematic..

Food searcher in Miri said...

This is purely my personal opinion... The only good point about this 2020 restaurant is cheaper than other.
The food quality can only be described in one word: TERRIBLE!
The Chee Cheong Fun is the worst I ever tried. Recommend you to try the stall in New 88 Restaurant, not too far from 2020.
In Miri, the only place for Tim Sum that is acceptable is located at Grand Place Hotel, but they serve pork-free.

Unknown said...

No, besides Grand Palace Hotel, there are Lao Yang which serves (in my humble opinion) even better dim sum (and it is non-halal), and KoK Garden which is not bad (non-halal as well). Try those two places and you'll see (but of course there are much better ones in KL and Penang).

Unknown said...

No, besides Grand Palace Hotel, there are Lao Yang which serves (in my humble opinion) even better dim sum (and it is non-halal), and KoK Garden which is not bad (non-halal as well). Try those two places and you'll see (but of course there are much better ones in KL and Penang).