Bat Kut Tea Cafe

Name: Bat Kut Tea Cafe
Location: Pelita
Food type: Chinese, Non-halal
Operating time: TBC

What's special?: Bat Kut Teh
Price range: Less than RM10

Another great place for a meal has been discovered! Situated just somewhere above the Al-Asna Restaurant which i has covered before. A place where it is connected with the Chinese comic and novel rental centre. At this place, you can try some of the meals which you either found none, or hardly see around in Miri.

If i am not mistaken or if i can remember clearly, this is called noodles with mushroom sauce and pork meatball. Noodles served are different from many places where their noodles are slightly bigger and also goes well with the sauce they have prepared. Served with deep fried tofu which are sliced and soaked with the sauce. Taste are good in a way where it is not too salty and flavour are just nice and not too strong.

You can try their (if i am not mistaken again) black pepper beef rice. Served with cucumbers and fried egg as side dishes along with mouth-watering beef on top of the rice. Not sure of the taste but i don't think it is bad as i hear no complain from our team member that day :)

Of course, not to forget their specialties: Bat Kut Teh. Their style are different from many places as theirs are actually added with chinese herbs. First time i tried it this way and guess what, it is out of my expectation where when it mixed with chinese herbs, it actually gives Bat Kut Teh a different flavour on top of its original flavour. Added with lots of ingredients including meat balls, vegetables, something like fried wonton on top also. You can order plain rice to go with it if you want :)

If you just want to have something to eat which will not make you feel full, you can have their fried wonton which are deep fried as per ordered.



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i like theri pudding!! damn nice..