reaches 10,000 hits!

The time is here! Finally, we have successfully attracted the number of hits of 10,000!

Since end of May 2008 until today, which is 16th October 2008, with merely 5 months to reach such number of hits is indeed an impressive result to me. With the site only shows food in Miri, i never expect my effort, my hardwork, my team of great helpers, my sacrifice, my investment in funding this project, really worth it.

So, with such achievement, what's next? We have something in mind and in planning stage. Before i announced our future plan, probably this is the good time to introduce what's ongoing starting............. from now!

First, introducing................'s own Polo shirts and T-shirts. For the moment the shirts are only for managements and staffs for There're plans that we mass produced the shirts for our reader to purchase and show their supports on this project. The design will be different from what we are having now. Please be patience while we are (or i am) designing a new style for the next batch of shirts for sale.

Next attempt from us is distributing stickers for places we have reviewed. There are two types of stickers: For stall or for shops. Stickers for stall are the one which is in square design with an image of a guy holding a spoon. Reason of using this is that each stall has limited space for any other display so therefore we are using this for them. As for shops, it will be same size as out car stickers (which is still available for sale) and added with the line of word "HUNTED BY". This is to show that we have visited the place and is uploaded to the site for viewing and commenting purpose. When you visit any shops or stalls, feel free to look around and see if you spot any stickers around.

That's all for the current actions. There is a plan to organise a big party for our readers. This is yet to be discussed and my current plan is to have them organise within this year (most likely it is this November). We will have a meeting within the team to discuss the venue and programs for the event. If you have anything to suggest please do feel free to email us.

Other future plans which has been delayed is the move-over of this site to a proper hosting site. This will add more funding on this site and we are yet to decide the move which gives great benefits to the site.

That's all for now. Once again, without you all, there's no around. With your help, we have the motivation to try and help the food business in Miri. Thank you again to you all from the bottom of my heart.

Stay tuned for more updates.


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