New Thompson Seafood (Special Coverage)

Name: New Thompson Seafood
Location: Town
Food type: Chinese, Western, Non-halal
Operating time: 5 pm - 3 am, Monday to Sunday

What's special?: Porridge, steamboat, seafood
Price range: Varies from food ordered

Ladies and gentlemen, here we are. For more than a decade, New Thompson Seafood has served Mirians with their great range of food: from Western food like steaks, all the way to steamboat and porridges! Not to forget, their great range of seafood for you to choose! This is like all kinds of great food under one roof! With their operating hour until 3am daily, now you know where you can go for suppers with a group of friends after a night out :) Situated just opposite Mega Hotel, a great location which is reachable by many and surrounded by places for night life, surely this is the place where many people can fill their tummy when required.

So, what's special over here? Well, if you like to have something to warm you up, you can either go for their steamboat range. I am yet to cover their range on steamboat so if you drop by, feel free to try it yourself :) If you want western, no problem. Your need are covered. They have a range of western for you to choose from. Ask the waiters around for their recommendation :)

Oh yes, did i say they serve BBQ fish too? Although i did not try it that night (too full by the time i saw the fish) but oh my god............... the smell when i took the photo, it is just way too tempting! This is something you may want to try it out yourself and find out how good it is as i think this is part of their specialties.

And not to forget, porridge! Depends on how you like your porridge, ranging from plain to those with flavours or added with ingredients. In the old days, people like to go for plain porridge to go along with meals specially ordered. This is the place so far that i know do serve the way i have described. It sure brings back a lot of good memories to me.

Now, for the main courses that i have the honour to cover for this place. I will like to take this opportunity here to show my great appreciation to the restaurant owner for sponsor everything for the night, her son for giving us a chance to do a review for them and of course not to forget her daughter and partner who accompany us and explain each dishes to us.

Try their stir-fry "Ayam Kampung" which is actually, in translation, village chicken. The difference between the normal chicken and the village chicken is that not in terms of its size (where village chicken is actually smaller), but i consider it as more like "free range" chicken. The reason i said so is that usually village chicken are not grown in a cage like normal chicken. They had the freedom to move around and exercise its muscle. The goodness of this is so that the meat are more tender and it is less fat. Cooked with green capsicum, mushrooms, chillies and other ingredients. Taste are full of flavour from the chicken and the sauce around it. Try it if you never try this before.

Deep fried mushroom. This is the type of mushroom in Chinese we called it as "abalone mushroom" or maybe it is name as oyster shaped mushroom which can easily bought anywhere all the time. This dish has been quite a common dish for vegetarian restaurants. Mushrooms are deep fried with nice coating where it is soft and crunchy from the outside and just nice from the inside which maintains its original fragrance. Served with dipping sauce for your liking.

This is one of the famous dishes among Chinese. In chinese we called this as "Mei Chai Kou Rou", which are actually pork meat with some fat are sandwiched with a kind of preserved vegetable originated from China which bring a little sweetness for the meat. pork meat are separately prepared and cut into slices and then place in a place resemble sandwich-style and finally added with special cause on top and steamed them until cooked or until all the flavours are mixed into the meat. Usually many restaurants served this meal with yam instead of the preserved vegetable. But i think this is one of the greatest old time favourite to go along with porridge.

Local beancurd with special sauce in Hakka Style. Bean curds are carefully sliced and cooked with sauces specially mixed by the chef. I am not sure how they can achieved to the extent where each slice of beancurd ( or tofu which i usually call it) are still intact while cooking them. But the gravy around the tofu are nicely mixed and made the tofu very smooth and enjoyable.

Steamed minced pork with salted fish. Another old time favourite which goes perfectly well with plain porridge! The meat are just nice and soft. If you eat purely the meat, of course you may taste it is a bit too salty but if you eat them along with porridge, you might crave for more! with a piece of salted fish on top, you can mix it along with the minced pork with your porridge if you want them to be more salty in flavour.

Steamed fish with special sauce. The fish taste great as it is fresh. With its sauce to go along the fish and steamed until cook, the flavour is just simply hard to describe until you try it yourself. I think their paste are specially prepared in Hakka style as well. This is something i also recommend you to try it out and see if i am correct.

If you think you have tried the best crab in town, think twice. Enough of crab with egg, with chilli sauce, with tomato sauce, salted egg york etc. Try their fried crab with dried shrimps with curry powder. This is the first time i tried this kind of combination and wow............. i never expect the taste is so great and goes so well with crabs! And their crabs, big and juicy and very fresh! Their meats are so tender that as if you are eating silky smooth chicken meat. No kidding. You have to try this!



EstherHuiLee said...

1st, thanks for the owner,her son, her daughter & partner.We're enjoy the dinner for that night.
The abalone mushroom, quite special.That is the 1st time i try this meal.It's crispy & can take it with salad sauce.Oh ya!The steamed minced pork with salted fish,i like this.Especially eat together with porridge...Crabs!!!I'm crab lover bah...But this is the 1st time i try this favor.It's tasty,inside got dried shrimps,curry leave,curry powder...hmmm!it's nice!I think i'm the one eat lots crabs on that night.Hehehehe...Since EF can't eat i eat finish his portion also!Hahaha...Anywhere!Thanks & we're enjoy for the dinner..

Anonymous said...

Yum! Yum! I've always loved crabs and tried out all the different ways of crabs Im deffo going to eat there tonight to try out the dried shrimp curry powder crabs. STARVING myself today just for tonight's crabs. Hahaha...thanks guys!!
CRABS! CRABS! CRABS! is all in my mind now...haha...

Anonymous said...

das u missed one of the famous food!!! the crab fried bee hoon.

dasolve said...

oh is it?

than i have to go back and try next time :D

dasolve said...

welcome for more comments

helen said...

their dishes v nice oh...n d prices oso reasonable..can also try thier chicken chops..dun wear too sexy oh...d wind ther v big.duuno y..

Anonymous said...

been to this place... but unfortunately i will never visit this place anymore....

got slaughter by the boss....

watchout for those who wanna go