Toast House

Name: Toast House
Location: Senadin
Food type: Chinese, Malay, Western
Operating time: TBC

What's special?: TBC
Price range: Less than RM10

This is one of the place which you can probably dine and enjoy chit chat with your friends. Situated at Senadin where you are heading to Senadin Petronas Station from the Pujut-Lutong highway, you should be able to see a shoplot on your right. Serving all kinds of food ranging from Chinese to Western as well as toast of your choice.

Want to have Western style breakfast? You can get something like ham, egg and some tomato slices and cucumbers. This portion is just nice for anyone who wants to have a light meal to kick start the day or even want to eat just a little. You can choose to have toast with flavour of your choice from the menu. Eat it while it is hot :) Fancy on burger? They have beef burger available for you to order.

One of the meal my friend quite often order from this place is their curry rice. Curry chicken is served in a bowl separating from the rice. This is a better option for customers who do not like to have everything on top of the rice. Curry chicken smell and look nice. Taste wise still not too bad. You can have nasi pattaya which is fried rice wrapped with egg. Portion is just nice.

This is what i usually order from this place. Mee Jawa. I like to eat it with lime juice all over it to enhance the flavour. The noodle is rich in flavour. Not too spicy which is why i like it.



Anonymous said...

x many choice thr...n d price more expensive bt d foods x enough or can say litter...

dasolve said...

welcome for more comments

Anonymous said...

x nice d lah

Anonymous said...

not halal is it?

Anonymous said...

Every day eat curry chicken there. Very nice. Highly recommend.