Top Point Cafe (Special Coverage)

Name: Top Point Cafe
Location: Permyjaya
Food type: Chinese, Non-halal
Operating time: TBC

What's special?: Lo Mee, West Malaysia Claypot Mee, Pork Meat Mee (Zhu Rou Fen)
Price range: Less than RM10

This is one of the place you can find good food at Permyjaya, which is the shoplots after Pujut 7 Bridge towards Brunei direction. This shop is quite easily spotted from far distance. Reason? because that's the only Cafe i can see it is open in that row. You may think it is just a normal cafe which has nothing to eat. Now, after reading this, try to reconsider going there for your next dining out as what i am going to show you is there's something quite nice at here which serve only for breakfast.

The aunty herself had been doing nice food for her customers over in KL for a few years and now bringing the West Malaysian flavour all the way to the East. With her wonderful passion in cooking, she wants to bring the greatness of the food to her fellow Mirians. Even for the stock she is preparing is unlike any other shop. It is specially prepared and tested for so many years trying to make it uniqueness delicious and put a big smile to everyone's face.

First off is the freshly-made Ban Mee. It is different from most places where their noodles is flat in shape whereas this aunty served in like normal noodle shape. Added with some local vegetables, minced pork, fried anchovies, fried shallots and mixture of seasoning with the noodles. It also comes with a bowl of soup to suit your appetite or you can order ban mee in soup based if you want :)

Want something that is hot and boiling for breakfast especially for a cold morning? You can have their claypot noodle. If i am not mistaken this is cooked in West Malaysian style. With lots of noodle and ingredients and not to forget, there an egg on top! The soup is just nicely done as it is not too salty which makes you want to drink water often.

Try this. In chinese it is called "Sheng Rou Fen". In other words, it actually means using raw pork meat cooked until cooked and mixed with other pork ingredients in a bowl. Mixed with kueh tiaw and mee hoon in a bowl which is what we normally called as "ying yong" in Cantonese. It is using the stock which has been improving from time to time after so many years. A great bowl of meal to satisfy your need for the morning.

This is something you might not find it common in Miri. So far i only seen this served in Vegetarian restaurant. Try this Lo Mee. It is noodles cooked with thick gravy which mixed with eggs and sprinkled on top of the noodles with fried anchovies and fried shallots. Normally many shops will add in the black vinegar before serving to customer. But this place is different. They served it with a bottle of vinegar and up to you to add how many you want! If you like more vinegar, go for it! I like this noodles goes along with great amount of vinegar which boost my appetite :D

Why just look at these photos? Go and try them yourself. Feel like commenting? Feel free to do so. You will not be named :)



EstherHuiLee said...

This is the 1st time i try the luo ban mian...If u like vinegar, can put a lot same like me...hehehe!Quite special.Before taste it, i tok the taste maybe same like fried wet mee, but it's tasty than that!U can try try...

Anonymous said...

went to this shop tat day.. but she din open stall

dasolve said...

only for breakie my friend :) and only open since 7th Oct 2008

HuiFen said...

the chicken rice at this shop = not nice at all

Anonymous said...

the overall quality of food and cleaniness of the cafe is surely below average. You should return and check them out again. I am staying in Permyjaya.

Unknown said...

The coffee shop has changed owners. The aunty is no longer selling there. Anybody has any idea wether she has shifted elsewhere? Help! I need my loh mee fix!

Unknown said...

the cafe is no longer there become chong fatt seafood ketam also....if i was not's RM13 for is quite is serve at fast rate....if you doesnt like waiting for your dinner...the restaurant is the way....they also sells western food and mee kolo at day time.


Melissa said...

That aunty sells loh mee, pan mee and curry mee has been move to Cafe 688 just next block of Chong Fatt Seafood Restaurant. The meals she served are very nice!

dasolve said...

welcome for more comments