Yi Hah Hai Seafood

Name: Yi Hah Hai Seafood
Location: Waterfront
Food type: Chinese, Non-halal
Operating time: TBC

What's special?: Seafood and reasonable price

Reservation/Contact: 085-433401
Price range: Varies from food ordered

Looking for places to enjoy seafood for your meal? There's one in town area just along the Miri River. You can sometimes enjoy the cool breeze while enjoying your dinner there. And moreover, it is one of the hottest place for gathering as a big group as the place are big enough to occupy. So what do they have? You named it. As the shop name indicates, "Yi Hah Hai" is actually in Catonese of the word fish, prawn and crab. Therefore, you can surely order most of the seafood there. If you like others, they have chicken, vegetables, soups and more to choose from.

You can try their special tofu. It is specially made by them which cuts in rectangular shape and deep fried in high heat. It is served with sweet and sour dipping sauce. Taste wise is definitely unique and i won't be able to identify the ingredient here (even if i know, it remains the specialty of this place) and i like it a lot. :)

Midin fried with local red wine. One of the favourite dish in Miri. The aroma of the wine just goes well with midin. As midin is the type of local vegetable which is "cold" for human body and wine however it is consider as "hot", with these two combined, then it is just nice.

Steamed fish in soy sauce. Fish is silky fresh and the flavours added for steaming is great. I like the way that it is not oily to eat and not too salty.

Try the BBQ Squid with belacan! It is heavily covered by aromatic belacan which is a bit spicy for some. Comes with limes if you like it with the soury taste.

Spicy kampung chicken. Fried with big dried chilli which gives a hint of hot and spiciness. This is a must have dish for anyone who like spicy food. Beautifuly done.

If you are still hungry, you can order something like seafood fried noodle to fill your tummy. Great amount of gravy to go along the noodles. Taste wise is not too bad.



Anonymous said...

wow... Yi Hah Hai..
I recommended the Baby Lobster with salty duck egg..

The dish might be a bit costly but it is worth a try. The lobster, i believe it is very fresh, and the meat is very tender. And the salty egg does go very well with the lobster, or should i say it really make the lobster extra flavor

dasolve said...

welcome for more comments

lv said...

i am confuse, the neon light of the signboard says 'serve no pork' (which is what i've knew so far). but it is categorised in Non-Halal here. hmmm... can verify? cos i am bringing my muslim frens around and looking for Halal seafood restaurant.

any other good recommendation?

thanks :-)

dasolve said...

Hi Lv,

Usually when it comes to "serve no pork", it does not necessary to be halal. Unless it is with Halal certification, i would not say it is halal to be on the safe side. Hope this explains.

Unknown said...

Come and try Eat@bite Permyjaya

Unknown said...

They got wine in their foods, which makes that not halal.. but they surely serve no porks

Anonymous said...

Bad service worker. Really fxxxxxg rude, after make mistake