Secret Recipe @ Miri (Special Coverage)

Name: Secret Recipe
Location: Pelita
Food type: Cake, Chinese, Western, local, Halal
Operating time: 10am - 10pm Monday to Friday (close at 11pm during public holiday and weekends)

What's special?: Cakes
Price range: less than RM30
Tel: 085-430953/430954

Yes! The long waiting wish for many Mirians has come true! Secret Recipe in da house baby! and now it is in MIri! No more fuss in getting someone bringing all the delicious cake over from other states in Malaysia. You can now grab the same cake without the much needed effort to self courier the cake :)

I, on behalf of all managements and staffs of MM team would like to say thank you to Alvin Lau, the Managing DIrector of Secret Recipe Sarawak and Ms Mei Yun for her great hospitality and sharing her passion in food with us.
As we all know Secret Recipe is famous with their huge range of cakes for cake lovers, bare in mind they do have a wide variety of food available for you to dine here. As we the MM team has the great privilege to taste some of the food which we would like to share with you all. Sit back and enjoy the range of food that i am going to show to you all now.

Started off with some drinks we had for the night. Green Apple Kasturi. Green apple flavoured drink served with ripe lime and also not forget, salty plum. A cool and refreshing drink which you might want to have a try.

If you like tea, you can try their Frosty Lemon Tea. Served with blended ice with the lemon tea which is chill and great in flavour. A great companion if you have some spicy food.

Now let's look at some of their pies they are serving. Come and try one of their famous Chicken Cornish. I can see a lot of customer actually order this if they want to have a lighter meal. You might not be able to tell how big it is from the photo but, it is big! Let me see............ about the size of my fist! Great in value. As for the taste, have a look at the photo and look at the content. All the ingredient are greatly flavoured wrapped in a thin pastry!

Chicken Curry Puff. Pastry which is folded into half with chicken and potatoes with their specially prepared curry ingredient. With some hints of spiciness, it is one of the choice for anyone who wants something a little spicy for their appetite.

One of my favourite. Here comes the Black Pepper Lamb Pie. Sold out quick with its great black pepper flavour and the lamb meat in it are just nice and soft. Strong in flavour which makes you enjoy every single bite of it.

Here comes some of the main courses which you can order! One of my favourite and one of the healthy way to dine: Japanese Soba! Stirred fry with minimum oil consumption with chicken slices, fresh celery, carrots and other vegetables and sprinkled with freshly chopped spring onions on top. Serving size is quite big actually and i like the taste where it is just nicely done.

Lasagna anyone? served with either minced chicken or minced beef topped with cheese along with a bun on the side. Good in presentation, taste is not too bad as i found it hardly find any place which serve lasagna in minced chicken. With the bun to go along, it is sure making you full.

Pan-Grilled Dory with Lobster Sauce. Served along with lots of thick french fries and with cooked cauliflowers, sweet peas and carrots. Dory fish is nicely grilled to cook and topped with home made Lobster sauce. The combination is just like to go along with the side dishes.

Irish Lamb Stew. This is huge! Served with lots of gravy and the meat is so soft that it is like melting on your mouth. The taste is great with the lamb itself. For lamb meat lover, do have a try on this to see if it is what you have in mind for a long long time.

If you like soup based meals with noodles, you can have something like Singapore Laksa which served with thick noodles in a bowl with aromatic laksa of their style and mixed with prawns and fish cakes. If you like something stronger, try their Curry Seafood Laksa which served with fair amount of seafood, bean sprouts, and hard boiled eggs which cuts into half, and of course, noodles with strong flavoured curry laksa soup as base.

Want to get something for your kids? Look no further. Here comes the Kids Burger! Cute and attractive to the kids. Served in a plate with four little burger on the plate with alphabetical fries! You can enjoy the meal with peace by getting your kids with those fun letters on their plate and those burgers around. It is good for anyone who likes to have something small in portion as well :)

Here comes the cake series! i together with the team had the chance to try some of the famous ones.

First off, one of the highest demand cake: Marble Cheese Cake. Although it is small in slice, but mighty in flavour. Cheese flavour is just nice and not too overpowering.

White Chocolate Macadamia. Cake which is layered with cream that mixed with aromatic macadamia nuts in it and whole cake coated with white chocolate. The combination of white chocolate and the macadamia nuts in it are just simply marvelous.

Cappuccino Cheese Cake. The name of the cake says it all. Each mouthful of the cake are just rich of cappuccino . If you like coffee, you might like this flavour.

Chocolate Indulgence. Great for chocolate lover. Not too sweet which is just great and the chocolate flavour is nice. With layers and layers of chocolate flavour within the cake, you just cannot stop thinking of it and at least trying it once.

Hi-Fiber Cream Cheese Cake. Something which i never think of it can be done. Cream cheese is not too strong the mixture goes well with the fiber sprinkled on top and within it. This is probably one of the healthy way to enjoy a cake which taste great at the same time :)

From all the above mentioned on my experience, many of my readers may not agree with it. Therefore, it is much appreciate to leave your comments on what is great and what it is not doing well with the food in there even if you want to comment on their services. By leaving comments in the Comment section, you have the choice to remain anonymous. What we want is your help, to help Secret Recipe Miri to do better, serve all of us better.

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Anonymous said...

The 1st and the last time I ate at Secret Recipe in Miri really sucks...they cook the salt with fish...not the fish with salt. Same goes with the fries. Black pepper chicken was tasteless. Drinks were too sweet. Haven't try the cakes but nothing can beat Secret Recipe in KL.

dasolve said...

Ok noted.

if you have more you let me know.

Thanks for commenting.

cacatkia™ said...

well.. i went there twice and everything is nice. Just only the tom yam served to us was tasteless but the worker changed a new one to us.. nice service anyway.

dasolve said...


more comments are always welcome :)

Anonymous said...

the environment there is totally not an ideal place for dates. last time i went there, there were kids running and playing. besides, the cheese cake that i ordered was sour. Sour cheese cake??? Can u imagine that? Probably won't go there again. I rather go KL's secret recipe.

dasolve said...

noted and thanks.

= FLoReNcE = said...

Their cakes are nice! :)

dasolve said...

noted. Thanks florence!

Come on ppl. the more the merrier!

Anonymous said...

Seems like the comments are not as good as KL's Secret Recipes. But I cannot judge from that, I should try myself & will comment more here.

dasolve said...

hi atuque1, i myself also not sure of the one in KL but if you can maybe you can try and tell me the difference. And with that, maybe your comment are worth it for them to improve to the standard.

Anonymous said...

i heard that the staff there can give staff pricing to their friends which is cheaper than the normal retail pricing... that would be really unfair to other customers....

dasolve said...

is it????????

Ok this is something very useful for me to investigate further. Thanks for telling!

Anonymous said...

Been twice at Secret Recipe Miri, most of the cakes are unavailable. Waiter informed us they are out of chocolate powder, er...!

The food is so-so, I think it better close down and not to sia-soi mirian.

dasolve said...


thanks for comment :)

Anonymous said...

i posted a complain on secret recipe and within days, i received a phone call.
this person said he is from secret recipe HQ and the my complaint has been noted.
improvement on d way..


dasolve said...

Hi anonymous.

Yes i can see there's improvement ongoing. Which is what we have hoped for since day 1.

Anonymous said...

The first time I was there, I had to wait 15 minutes to get someone to take my order. Then another half and hour for them to come to me to tell me that what I ordered -unavailable. Okay, I ordered another dish. 5 minutes later, a waiter said, sorry, unavailable ALSO!

Second time I went there, I tried soba noodle and yergh... something in it tasted like old shoe.

No more third time for me from then on

dasolve said...


Thanks for commenting

Anonymous said...

i went thr twice bought healthy cheesecake,carrot slice,choc indulgence,white choc macadamia,prune slice.
i gav too high of expectation on white choc n choc indulgence. to me it's nothing special.staffs thr were friendly.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,

My first entry into the miri community. After seeing some of the comments, I could not resist chucking in my two cents worth as well. Secret Recipe, the cakes were decent, the lamb pie was satisfactory, and everything else we ordered after that pretty much went down a slippery landslide of sorry attempts at food and a decrease of weight in my finances in which I was just ever so reluctant to part with.

Now it seems that many have been complaining about the provided services of Secret Recipe, i definitely agree that it is not the best but I have certainly seen worse and sometimes it just boils down to us customers playing our part in being a little more understanding towards the waiters and waitresses who have been slaving since the early hours. Plus, we can never deny the fact that there are those amongst us (UNPLEASANT PIGS of CUSTOMERS) who initiate battles with the very people who break their backs trying to serve us and please us. If there are times when we get crappy waiters, it could just be due to the fact that they were just serving the ignorant know it all loud and irritating monkey sitting at the table next to you. Everyone has their limits.

Anyways, as I was saying, the food was what really got to me.

First of all, the lamb shank. Although the lamb was of a decent size and the price was reasonable, the sauce smoldering it tasted just like salty brown starch, there wasn't any excitement in the taste buds and quite frankly I have tasted airline food that was more interesting. The mashed potato looked interesting, the typical Mr. Whippy styled clump of potato that looks hearty and warm, as if it just came out of the oven. It managed to surprise me as I attempted to scoop some up with my fork, the potato fought back. There was a self defence barrier preventing my fork from penetrating its bulletproof shell. I then tried to with my fingers and realized that the potato was cold, it felt like a plastic like sponge that only broke apart after I used a total of four fingers like a cannibal ripping apart the loins of a dinosaur. Potato that is mashed or even a powdered mashed potato simulation should not be that challenging to eat.

Next, there was the chicken chop, mushroom or black pepper sauce? I cannot even remember, it was a cold sauce, it was salty, it was just awful. The chicken tasted liked it was cooked 6 hours beforehand and left in a foot locker cultivating an odd aroma that would have been more adequate if you were to play a prank on someone by leaving it in their wardrobe or car so that the funk would just be that much more fun and original than dropping gas.

The fish, again, if the company were so incompetent and were really crippled without any real skills, I could understand why the food was inferior to that of airline food, and don't get me wrong, I HATE airline food.

Both the chicken and the fish were the best of friends, they were both lukewarm, boring and tasteless. Perfectly compatible. And adding on, they both came with friends on the side who also bore similar qualities. Vegetables that were cooked relying on the outdoor afternoon heat and a pot full of drain water in hope of it reaching a boiling stage and fries that were deep fried last week and left on a warm patch near an oven or a piece of kitchen equipment that has a mild heat generating motor so that it doesn't get too overly cold.

But I would still like to reinforce that this is not an attack, I do enjoy their range of cakes, thank you secret recipe for providing the people of Miri with decent cakes, I am thankful, really I am, just don't give up your day job if the quality of food you are serving can't even be served warm. There are hawker centres out there serving warmer fries than you and there are smaller independent restaurants who have fresher vegetables and more premium foods that are cooked on the spot without the assistance of microwaves for every single thing and still manage to come out in half the time it takes for you. It is so sad when you are already a franchise and still, still it is so difficult for you to colour within the lines.

People of Miri, although we are experiencing a boom in franchises this year, I have to admit that it is so sad that the Secret Recipe here is so different to the one in Singapore or KL, that the Delifrance in Bintang is so out of orbit that you would think that the goodies we experienced in other Delifrance outlets were all just a pleasant dream and Miri is just the alarm clock waking us up from our fantasies of their delectable pastries and tarts that simply do not exist in Miri. Truthfully speaking, I LOVE fast food, I love franchises, I could name a dozen I could not live without that are not available in Miri yet, but then there is a part of me that is afraid to wish too hard, for if my dreams were to come true, I am afraid that the Miri fever would just infect and destroy everything I hold precious.

I hope I don't offend anyone, and I hope that there are some of you out there who share the same views as me.

Anonymous said...

Well,i disagree with some of u..actually i feel so happy b'coz they open secret recipe in Miri.It show that Miri can become moden city..By the way,i really enjoy their cake. i taste alot of cheese cake in Miri,Secret Recipe cake make me feel i want to go there again.It a real cheese cake.,It's not just a cake,but their food oso nice.Why want to compare Miri n KL,i know lot of nice n delicious cake there.But in Miri,Secret Recipe is the best.yeah!!!!

Anonymous said...

Tried once, never will return for another looooooong time or maybe that's the last?

The drinks was good, that goes for cakes and kari-pap too...but when come to main course , frankly, it really eye-dropping sucks

Few dishes we tried:
1) Fish 'n' chips - basically we can call it salty fish, even worse cannot taste any bit of fish favor because it's simply too salty

2) Meatball kebab - the meatball just too hard to bite...ouch!! *_*

3) Lastly, (this is the scary one) the Mushroom soup...when I took the first sip I know something is not right, it tast sour, I just couldn't believe at fist then I took second sip: "yea, it is!" I thought...when I confront with the waiter supervisor I asked if what they have with the ingrediant and if they have add-in "sour-cream" to make it taste differently?? "No" was the reply...then he said he did not know what's the ingrediant, they just receive "ready-made soup base" from KL...(wow, sounds like "campbell" canned soup I thought...but tasted far worse) this point it is obvious the soup is NO GOOD (either over-heated during transportation on its way from KL ot Miri)....but the waiter simplied say "sorry"...then did NOTING (at least, please, I mean it is common sense, change one new dish for your paying customer!! ...or offer a rebate on bill)...

In conclusion, Secret Recipe is just a whole lot of dissappointment after its fresh opening...the service is not so up to standard(waiters made multiple mistakes delivers foods to wrong tables within one night, that happened to 2-3 tables when I was there)....nothing to talk about Atmosphere as it was overcrowed and noisy (well, at that time, I dont think i will get any crowded at the momnet)....I think it's simply a coffee house or canteen , not really a nice place to dine really, unless for a light snack or take away for their cakes

Do hope they can improve if they want to win back customer but the first image was just a critical blow.

Anonymous said...

hmmm... not very good comment for the Secret Recipe..

But really, the cake is kind like sub-standard compare with the one i used to have at home town. Totally disappointment.

I ordered 1 blue berry cheese, the cake din't smell right, smelly like the over night oilly smell. Really no next scoop...

But the Black forest, quite ok. and the drink are just commonly ok.

For the others, not yet try.. but i don't think there is no reason for going there for food if the cake is so bad...

Anonymous said...

Good day, Das, and others too.
Thanks for the review of the SR in Miri.

I am a Mirian myself and am staying in Kuala Lumpur currently, approx for 2 years already. And SR in KL, mostly SR in KL Central, KLCC, MidValley, Jusco Wangsa Maju & Giant Kelana Jaya are places that I would go regularly for SR. Absolutely in love with SR from the experience in these places.

I was so damn excited and overwhelmed when my cousin in Miri told me that a SR outlet is opened in Miri already starting September 8th, 2009. Mainly because I consider myself as a SR maniac (and I'm called as the miss secret recipe among my friends though), thus I can tell others how great is SR's cakes, especially. So I promised my cousin I'll belanja her makan there when I get back a few weeks after and guaranteed her that she'll bloody like the cakes and foods just like me, and will turns to be a SR maniac, just like me.

Never in my thought that I'd be upset even once in my life of SR. Never. But when I got there myself, well, I got upset, and disappointed as well. Mainly because the limited space of the restaurant itself, as well as the customer service.

I was proudly brought my cousin and sibling into SR, and we saw that tables were empty, but we can't fill even one of the table just yet. "RESERVED" is on them. Man. I got pissed off. Was the owner looked down on SR's popularity or something? Opening a very little space of an restaurant for such a great reputation?

Now then we waited for another customer to finish up their meal. So we got a table, clean table fortunately. Ordered like usually I ordered in those great places I mentioned earlier.

And now let's come to the delivering part, I'll just go straight to the point. The waitress slipped of her hand of the watermelon juice, and the juice was all over my cousin's leg, and a part of mine too. I got shocked here. Never in my 2 years with SR encountered such thing. I felt so embarassing when eyes were on us. In my most fave place? Gosh.

Not to mention about the upsetting taste of the other foods, besides the cakes, that is.

I regret that I bluffed too much on SR in Miri to my cousin that I told her that she'll enjoy the dining in there.

First impression of mine towards SR in Miri? - negative.

First impression of my cousin's towards SR? - negative

First impression is fatal. Now that after a few months passed, we still wouldn't go there anymore. Surprisingly for me myself.

Not so sure if I would dine there when I go back in Miri, but anyway, all the best for SR in Miri. SR is still the best for me, but i'll look more on the location's perspective more now though.

Much Regards,

Anonymous said...

Secret Recipe in Miri taste less, lack of quality n lousy if compare to Secret Recipe in KL

Adrienne said...

Here's my two cents worth, if im not mistaken (correct me if im wrong) The food in all the SR outlets are pre cooked and packed from Kuching isnt it? i read this somewhere..even the cakes to (i heard from the staffs) so maybe thats why the cakes arent as fresh?

Maybe it isnt SR miri's fault but the transportation process itself?

Anonymous said...

secret recipe service and cakes too shit!wait more than 1hr but they not provide any foods at the end...even the drinks need to remind the workers many times...don knw what are they busy with....never go there again...u can try to go there if u like to take adventure...SR better close lah..don spoil the name of the SR...please..

dasolve said...

welcome for more comments

helen said...

chicken chop wif cheese inside..nt nice at all..really hard to bite it..
the cakes ar worth to eat only.

Anonymous said...

The food taste at Secret Recipe is quite ok for me, but staff service of Secret Recipe in Bintang is definitely worst!!! I went there few weeks ago, and one of the staff was very unfriendly!!! Maybe we really take some time to look at the menu before ordering, but how can a staff shows her impatient to the customers? Fews of my friends have told me that Secret Recipe in Bintang is lousy, but I cannot imagine that they have this kind of staff who spoil the image of Secret Recipe! Anyone knows how to complain about this??

Anonymous said...

Seriously people, no offend. Can you taste? It's just like mix and "tink" out from oven, like fast food. And I am one of the sharp tongues that tasted it's from air-packed. What more I am studying on culinary. I complained to the manager the soup is sour, waiting the answer..he said,"Sorry the food is from airlines so.." HELLO? That is not an excuse. I prefer hawker food than those! I know I'm late to be commented on this but really need to close this shop down! Only one or two cakes are nice. The management and knowledge on food are the main problem. I am just giving my opinion. Sorry if I offend anyone.

Anonymous said...

The cakes not bad but other food are not as nice as SR in KL or KK. Why?

Anonymous said...

i go secret recipe at gombak prima but i feel disappointed with the servis from waiters very bad same like i don't have money to pay them.
nobody serve you,i want buy whole cake with my daughter birthday but the servis make me feel unhappy.

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