Season Greetings from

I would like to represent the MM team to wish you all have a great Christmas and Happy New Year 2009. Please do take care and drive safely during this period. Do not drink and drive.

Once again, thank you all for your support in 2008. It has been a great 6 - 7 months since has been set up. Although there are at times readers just flame me for my deed and claim this site is a total disgrace and rubbish to them, i will take them as a challenge and hope to improve it further. Many plans still ongoing behind the scene and we will announce it once ready. For those who has been continuously supporting us, i hope you will do the same or better for the year 2009.

Without you all, without That's the fact.

Cheers everyone.

Best regards,


cacatkia™ said...

I represent MegaSound Audio Team and Diamond Zeus VIP Club to wish Makan Maniacs a Merry Christmas..

Don't get touched ok Das... hehe
hope can join you guys for the next gathering..

lasapka said...

You forgot to represent too.

Anonymous said...

a merry christmas and a happy new year to the makan maniac team. keep it up guys! :)

snowswallow said...

Merry Christmas and happy holiday.. :)