Taman Awam Halal BBQ Steamboat

Name: Taman Awam Halal BBQ Steamboat
Location: Hilltop
Food type: Halal, Malay
Operating time: Tuesday - Friday (6pm - 11pm), Weekends (12:30pm - 11pm)

What's special?: BBQ and steamboat
Price range: Less than RM20
Tel/Reservaton: 0138314080 (Nasarudin), 0138314090 (Anie)

What can be better to have a night night together than having a steamboat or BBQ gathering together? Well, there's one place that solve the need of those who like steamboat and with those who like BBQ on the other hand. The best place to have both of these group together, here comes BBQ Steamboat!!! 2 in 1. Win-win situation. Moreover, it is halal! What can be better than this! Now everyone can enjoy steamboat together.

The varieties are just nice which can fulfill up to 50 - 60 ppl at the same time (prior to advance booking of course). You can select from meats, fresh vegetables, frozen ingredients, seafood, noodles, eggs, and lots more. Now you can be chef of your own to cook the food the way you like. Whether you like it boil to cook or BBQ it, it is all up to you but please, do not waste food :)

Why wait any longer? Make your reservation now and enjoy the night of fun over there. Oh, did i forget to say there are karaoke facility? Yes! i am not kidding! Show your talent and your lovely singing voices over there! Bring your own DVDs or VCDs along if you want!



Anonymous said...

the food damn salty over there..

i only eat the BBQ food since the steamboat soup soooooo damn salty until my hair all drop..

Anonymous said...

oh yeah forgot to mention the meat oso damn salty OMGWTF

dasolve said...

hmmm ok will take note.

Thanks for commenting!

Anonymous said...

aduh...there sell food that u can easily buy from CCK cold storage...

eat there?

i better make my own steamboat at home. my mum cook better soup than the aunty there la..

恶施主 said...

woh.. as i see here , the comments seem to NOT recommend people to go there and try eh!!
well, as what i saw through pictures ah,so little things to choose...

dasolve said...

welcome for more comments

SyukraNs said...

i have been there, so far the foods good and great... I think some people cannot recognize Tomyam and Chicken Soup, so far, it is great.

really great

George said...

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