Excapade Sushi (Brunei)

Name: Excapade Sushi (Brunei)
Location: Brunei (Driving distance from Miri)
Food type: Japanese, halal

Operating time:
Kiulap Branch - Sunday to Thursday (11am - 2:30pm, 6pm - 10:30pm), Friday and Saturday (extended to 11:30pm)

Gadong Branch - Daily (11am - 2:30pm, 6pm - 10:30pm)

K.B. Branch - Daily (11am - 2:30pm, 5:30pm - 10pm)

Serusop Branch - Daily (11am - 10pm)

What's special?: Huge range of Japanese cuisines
Price range: Varies from food ordered


Kiulap Branch (+673 223 4012)

Gadong Branch (+673 244 3012)

K.B. Branch (+673 333 3993)

Serusop Branch (+673 233 5512)

If anyone talk about sushi in Miri, usually they are referring to one of the Mirian's favourite place for Japanese dishes in our neighbouring country: Brunei. I know this might not be appropriate to be part of this project but hey, if it is about food, there's us :)

There are 4 branches at the moment with 1 new one coming soon at Kiulap. What you need is a car with strictly no tints (laws in Brunei does not allow any tinting windows), a group of friends, RM30 return trip for our toll and B$6 for return trip using Brunei by-pass. Of course, most importantly, plenty of Brunei dollars (yes please do not think you are suppose to use our currency in Brunei but Singapore currency is allowed) and empty stomach to enjoy a great meal. Food varieties are huge that you might have problems in thinking what to eat sometimes. From sashimi series, deep fried, hand-made, BBQ, and lots more, for sure you can get something you like. Price wise i would say is worth for what you eat. It is fresh and taste just equally great and big in portion. Try to believe. After the meal, you can drive to Supasave and get some imported items before driving back to Miri. A great way to do a day trip.

Some photos taken from our previous visits. Enjoy.

Updated: 08.01.2009 with 2nd trip to Excapade Sushi food photos



-pEi- said...

Look at those sushi
so tentative la!!!!!!!!!!MY LOVE ONE!!!
I wonder those it taste great and fresh as sushi king or other Japanese restaurant over here!!

Saf said...

definitely BETTER! You can even taste the difference of the ingredients used! far far better than sushi king

Anonymous said...

Nice post. Do you've map on how to go to the place from Curtin?


lasapka said...

hmmm MM business do so big until going international liao?
bro, i think the f/ value was set too big?

EstherHuiLee said...

I miss tempura shushi :( and Salmon...

Anonymous said...

I love the shishamo (pregnant fish), it's a MUST everytime I visit the place.

azleena said...

looks good... is it expensive?

dasolve said...

price is reasonably good for its quality and freshness :)

Anonymous said...

The Sushi I eat at KB is the Best Ever Sushi I eat.
(Not yet visit other branch)
It would be great if they open branch in Miri :D

If compare to KL, Bangkok, Singapore.

dasolve said...

well i guess we are lucky to be the nearest to Brunei :)

Anonymous said...

try de iciban sushi rolls next time.. it really ICIBAN !! tat taste greatsssssss.. yummy yummy..
n if can , go on 2.00pm-2.30pm..u can have your 50% less sushi for takeaway..!!
helps save our money money too..

cavogue said...

arghhhh....drive me there plz!! hehe... how bout in miri? any?? like Shiki n Nikko? any reviews bout this 2?

Anonymous said...

I've heard a lot of comments about good japanese food in Brunei.

Please have them to open up their outlet here in Miri.

dasolve said...

welcome for more comments

Jia said...

Alluring Japanese food!!!

helen said...

a gang of frens go ther is a gd choice to enjoy a big bucket of sushi!!!!Famous OOhh!! must have a try.make passport 1st!

Anonymous said...
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Jason Lioh said...

How long are we talking about if we drive from Miri?