MM is the winner!

Once again, i would like to thank to ( for presenting the awards to the team on two categories: Best Community Project and Best Inspiration Of The Year. Thanks a million to those who have vote us as their favourite for the year and we will try our very best to maintain the standard or even grow further.

Of course not to forget my sincere thanks to all the MM team members who has worked extra hard for this project with their free time and gone crazy with me hunting for food in Miri to serve the same objective: to tell everyone where to eat in Miri and helping food business in Miri grows.

Most important of all, without you all, this project will surely be a failure. Thank you so much for all the feedbacks so far although there's more i need to improve. Please bare with me as i with the team are working hard to make this site a much better ones, just the matter of time and funding we have for now.

To cut short my message, i will always remember one thing: Without you all, there's no Thank you for your support in 2008 and hope there more supports from you all in 2009! Keep commenting, keep suggesting and of course, keep browsing for more updates!



cync said...

congrats to MM team! Keep up the good job!!

lasapka said...

must win every year. okay dont let kuwaichai take part. :P

smallee said...

Hey Das... Well Done and Congratulation for the nominations and winning.

Keep up the good work and without you... Makan Maniac won't be born too. So hope to see you winning the awards again for 2009.


dasolve said...

Thanks all!

Will continue to make this better. Plans are in mind and going to discussed soon!

Anonymous said...

wowow... congrats das!

dasolve said...

Thanks GooLooLoo!!!!

Why you were not there that night!!!!!!