New Faradale Cafe

Name: New Faradale Cafe
Location: Boulevard
Food type: Chinese, Non-halal
Operating time: TBC

What's special?: Ding Bien Hu, great value for dinner, "Gong Bia"
Price range: Less than RM10 except dinner
Tel/Reservaton: 0168542704 (Ah King)

Been to this place with a friend of mine for breakfast. Varieties for morning time is quite all right. You can try the ding bien hu (for those who have read my explanation before will know what is this) which is cooked and served in different way. Instead of using the flour type of texture for the main ingredient, it seems they are using starch-alike kind of ingredient and mixed with a little bit of dried cuttlefish for its flavour. Try their market kueh tiaw. When i had it, it really have the similar taste which i had from the old market. Brings back a lot of memories. There are more dishes which i am yet to show you all but for now, remember to drop by at night for dinner. The price will amaze you based on your order. It is way cheaper than you can predict. For those who plans to have a nice dinner with limited budget, 4 - 5 dishes might only cost you about RM50 in total inclusive of fish.



Anonymous said...

Having dinner there really economic and nice!! but yet have to wait for a long time to get our food...
Besides, I feel the beef noodle sold there in the morning also DELICIOUS!! maybe u guys can go there try~

dasolve said...

well if they have lots of people at night, yes it takes a while :D

beef noodle eh.... ok. noted!


Anonymous said...

i miss that shop...esp dien bian hu and gong pia

Carmen said...

Yep the beef noodles is very good. My favourite of many places!

Anonymous said...

d foods so delic..only need to wait more than 1hrs..haiz...bad!

dasolve said...

welcome for more comments

Anonymous said...

hey Mirians,

wat r the reservation phone no. in New Faradale cafe? can anyone here give me its reservation phone no.? thanks!

Anonymous said...

What is the reservation phone no. for this shop? pls let me knows!