Cafe Hee Bing Leau

Name: Cafe Hee Bing Leau
Location: Town

Food type: Non-halal, Chinese

Operating time:
What's special?: Mee Sua
Reservation: n/a
Price range: less than RM5

Looking for a nice mee sua in Miri? Well i personally have tried this place which serve it quite nice in terms of the amount of wine they added in it and it brings up the great aroma and flavour of the wine, chicken and the noodles. Only when you tried it yourself then you will know how different they are.


EstherHuiLee said...

I Like this!!!! they owes put a lot of red wine on it...Very nice! After eat will feel body very warm.... It's good to serve for cold day :p

RWP said...

good coverage.

Carmen said...

Where is this shop located?

dasolve said...

Hi Carmen, it is same row as Taiwanese Restaurant. Somewhere behind Halo Cafe. once you passed halo cafe on your right, you will pass by Nagaria and you can see the shop just across the road on your right.

dasolve said...

welcome for more comments

EstherHuiLee said...

They got nice economic rice. always full house when lunch time. May give a try.

joyce said...

maxim restaurant near parkson oso got serve mee's oso very nice..maybe who like it can go thr try..